What is an interview?

In an interview the employer will ask you questions in an attempt to assess your suitability for the role. Interviews can be face-to-face, on the phone or online. Due to the pandemic, many are opting for online interviews.


Before the interview

  • Understand what they are likely to ask about by looking carefully at the job description and related documents.
  • Create a list of evidence (examples and facts) from your education, work or other activities, that correspond to it. Memorise this so that you can easily recount evidence.
  • Research the employer and the sector. Know clearly why you want the job and what would make you a strong candidate. Keynote is a great tool for researching sectors.
  • Book a practice interview with the careers service by emailing us at
  • If the inteview will be online, make sure you have a good internet connection, a suitably quiet environment without distractions and a neutral background behind you.

At the interview

  • Listen carefully to the questions; ask for clarification if you are unsure whether you have understood correctly.
  • Structure your answers to ensure that the contribution you made or the actions you took come across clearly in any examples you give.
  • Be enthusiastic and willing to express your point of view, where appropriate.


  • Reflect on the questions they asked. Were your answers satisfactory, or could you improve on your performance next time?
  • If you were not selected, ask for some feedback. You are more likely to get feedback if you phone rather than email.

What next?

  1. Do the comprehensive Interviews eLearning course.
  2. Watch the excellent interview videos on Moodle. Follow students through real interview scenarios and get tips from employers.
  3. Read the handy Interviews helpsheet (it includes information on telephone interviews) on Moodle
  4. Video interview? Find out about practice video interviews on Moodle.
  5. Interview approaching? Book a practice interview with us.

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