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Careers in Marketing and PR

Did you know that there are more than 30 different types of roles in Marketing and PR?

Whatever your subject, discover the wide range of roles in the digital age and how to write CVs and applications.

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How to ace a PR or Marketing CV and Application

Thinking of applying for a marketing or PR role? Maybe you’ve dusted off your old CV – the one you wrote a few years back for a part-time summer job – and you’re now wondering how to transform it into a professional level head turner?

Perhaps you’re concerned about an even tougher challenge – how to complete a job application in a way that shows you in the best light?

Here are our five top tips to address these challenges.

Marketing Campaign Online Passport Challenge - see 2018 below, with more details for 2019 to follow...

Skill up and earn Passport Points by taking part in the online Marketing Campaign Passport Challenge.

Insight into alumni panels

In 2018, we were joined on campus by Royal Holloway graduates working in marketing and PR.

Check out these videos.

Top tips for Careers in Marketing & PR


Careers in Marketing and PR Week Alumni Panel Highlights

Interested in what an alumni panel is like? Here's some of the highlights from the 2018 alumni panel.


A student perspective

BA English graduate Ryan Seller attended and shared how he was inspired to consider a career in PR after attending an alumni panel in first year and how he went on to do a micro-placement in PR.


Discover your prospects!

Prospects is a useful website, where you can explore the different roles in a sector.

From Digital Copywriter to Marketing Executive and Public Relations Officer check out the Marketing, advertising and PR roles they have listed.