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Law Week Recorded Workshops and Presentations

During our 2020 Law week, we broke down the key routes for Law and non-Law students and answered your questions on how to take those first steps towards a successful career in this sector. There were some great sessions and we were able to record some of them for you to watch back.

An Introduction to the Bar

Daisy Mortimer from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, delivered an introduction to the bar followed by a live Q & A.

Watch it here.

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority)

The CMA is the UK's world-leading competition and consumer agency and an independent non-ministerial department, with staff in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff. They work to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the UK, and aim to help markets work well for consumers, businesses and the economy.

The speaker of this session was Ali Sadek. He is a Legal Adviser at the CMA’s Legal Advisory Service. The session provided an overview of the CMA and opportunities available at the CMA for aspiring lawyers. The event is relevant to both law and non-law students. 

Watch it here.

Routes into Law for non-law graduates

A very useful session for students who are not currently studying law, who would still like to pursue this career. A presentation by Bethany Wren, Content & Events Manager at LawCareers.Net, followed by a Q&A.

Watch it here.

Discover Governance. How to use your law degree to get into the Boardroom

A presentation for students to explore how they can use their law degree. Are you looking for a role where you could work with board at an early stage in your career? Interested in a role where you could implement and build on the knowledge from your degree? Intrigued by a role that is transportable between sectors? This session looked at the role of the company secretary and governance professional, with a panel of Company Secretaries, as they shared their journey about their careers, focusing on highlights such as: 

•       why they chose to become a Company Secretary or governance professional;

•       their academic and career backgrounds

•       what drew them to the role

•       what a typical day looks like and why they love what they do

•       What they love, (and like less) about their role

•       the breadth of their in-company stakeholder reach

•       how they can use their unique position to support, advise and influence the board.

Watch it here.

Discover your prospects!

Prospects is a useful website, where you can explore the different roles in a sector. Read job profiles in the law sector here.

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