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During our 2018 autumn term, Careers in Law week, we broke down the key routes for Law and non-Law students and answered any questions on how to take your first steps towards a successful career in this sector.

Discover your prospects!

Prospects is a useful website, where you can explore the different roles in a sector.

  • Read their job profiles in the law sector here.

Network like a pro!

On Thursday 22 November, students from across the College came along to the Picture Gallery to the our  annual Law Fair and Networking Evening 2018. This event will be held again on Thursday 21 November, 2019.

Almost 120 students studying law, history, politics and international relations, management, economics, physics, english and psychology mingled with professionals and Royal Holloway graduates who are working in the sector to explore their options. Last year, there was a strong representation by first years, who took up the opportunity to learn about the further study and career pathways available to them, as they progress through their studies.

Students came along to meet a variety of law firms and legal training providers who were looking to recruit Royal Holloway students, as well as network with alumni and friends of the college from the legal profession.

They took the opportunity to find out about vacation schemes, training contracts or further study, and build up that all-important network of contacts.

Here's what students who attended last year's events had to say. Discover more.

Law 2018 Collage 1

Law 2018 Collage 2

Law 2018 Collage 3

Law 2018 Collage 4

Top tips for networking

Throughout the year, you have many opportunities to network with alumni, employers and other groups on campus. These events are a valuable way to become used to professional conversations as well as get great insight into different companies and job roles.
Need some help? Get inspired with our Networking Top Tips on how to make the most of these opportunities, from researching ahead of an event, to approaching people and introducing yourself.

If you need some help with questions to ask law professionals specifically, take a look at our law networking resource here for inspiration.

Your career starts here – join a club or society

Harry Applegate 1

"Why did I decide to get involved in the Law Society? I wanted to represent people. It's common today for people to tolerate something, but there is always an opportunity for change.

I wanted to have a responsibility and to bring the concerns and appreciations of our conduct to the floor and improve our society."

First year law student Harry Applegate shares how his extra-curricular activities and involvement in the law society and hockey club are getting him career-ready! 

Find out more.

Through your involvement in campus life and your choice of co-curricular activities, you are learning new skills, many of which are transferable to the workplace! Discover more.