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Skills for the workplace


Are you ready for the workplace?

The thought of transitioning from student life to the workplace after graduation can be a daunting one.

"How has university prepared me for a job?", "Do I have the right skills?", "How will I cope with the pressure and responsibility?", "How can I get the support I need?" are all questions that you may ask yourself whilst still at university, or at some point early in your career.

We asked some of our employer partners if they could offer insights into the skills most useful for new graduates and demonstrate how you may already have them but not know it! We also asked them if they could offer some training on the most commonly-used applications, such as Microsoft Excel, to enable you to hit the ground running in that interview or first grad role.

So whether you are looking to build your confidence by identifying the transferable skills that you already have, or looking to build practical skills that will make you even more employable, this series of events is for you!

Recordings available to watch back

Accenture: Adjusting to the workplace as a new Graduate

Donna Cummings Accenture NL Image

During this session, we heard from analysts at Accenture who shared their experiences of their first year of work. The session covered how to manage your work-life balance, networking, plus how to manage the transition from university life to working a full-time job and the responsibilities that come with it. There were some great top tips and advice from the panellists and you can watch the recording here.

Excel Skills Workshops

Tolu Ogunlaiye FDM NL image

Excel Part 1 with FDM

The fundamentals of Excel, looking at the implementation of formulas, referencing, tables, data cleaning, data validation and filtering. Ideal if you're new to using the different features of Excel, or if you already have a basic understanding and are looking to refresh your skills! Watch the recording here. [Remember to dowload the cheatsheet and Excel workbook for this session too.]

Excel Part 2 with FDM

The basics of Excel functions including aggregation functions, logic functions and VLOOKUP functions, as well as exploring the basics of pivot tables. Ideal if you're new to using the different features of Excel, or if you already have a basic understanding and are looking to refresh your skills! Watch the recording here. [Remember to download the cheatsheet and Excel workbook for this session too.]

Imagen Insights: Branding and Promotion

Anna Imagen Insights

This session, hosted by Anna Danylchenko, Community Lead, and Cat Agostinho, Co-founder and COO, looked at how brands develop their products and marketing messages for the 16-26 age group – Generation Z! Imagen Insights are a market research organisation that works with big brands, like eBay and Stella McCartney, who are looking to target their products to the 16-26 age group. Anna shared a client’s brief and invited the student audience to come up their own solutions. Watch the recording here.

mthree: Securing a Job during the Pandemic

Hristiana Davidova cropped

Job-hunting during the pandemic brings its own set of challenges. This Skills for the Workplace session covered the Do's and Don'ts of securing a job at this time. It was delivered by Hristiana Davidova, Alumni Talent Executive at mthree, who brought the employer's perspective to this session and explained how you can maximise your chances in the current economic climate. Watch the recording here.

Everis: Resilience in the Workplace

Dina Alvarez Everis cropped

Resilience is one of the key skills that employers look for in the workplace; the ability to adapt quickly, overcome challenges and learn through experience. So how can you start to develop a resilient mindset, as well as making sure that you have all the support you need once you are in the workplace?

This session, delivered by Dina Alvarez, Head of Culture and Employee Experience at everis, looked at tips on creating a positive approach and mindset, choosing the right employer for your mental health, building resilience and reducing anxiety. Watch the recording here

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