Campus account payments for students


Instant Campus Account top up - Student RCS Account holders

You can put money on to your Campus Account via a separate system,Upay.

Payments made via the online top up system will be instantly credited to your Account.

Visit the online top up page by clicking on this link <Upay>.

To set up your account go to Upay and enter  the Affiliate / Company ID followed by the User ID or Card ID and set up the email to be used with the account. 

The company / affiliate ID for the College is ROYALHOLLOWAY.

Your User ID is the last six digits of your student number.

Follow instructions on screen to set up your account

This method is password protected and is intended for use by the Student Campus Account holder only.

If you have any queries regarding your Campus Account, please contact the RCS Control Office during office hours. The telephone number is 01784 443049

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