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Royal Holloway, University of London (the College) has tried to ensure that access to information provided and the payments you make whilst using this site are secure. Additionally the College uses anti-virus software to minimise the risk of infection from viruses etc.

The online card payment service is, however, provided on an "as is" basis and the College, its officers or employees will not accept any liability for any losses arising as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you or for any other reason arising from its use.

If you believe that there may a risk of unauthorised access to information provided by you in connection with the use of this site email  Student-Fees@rhul.ac.uk with details to enable them to investigate.

The online card payment service can currently only be used in connection with payment of student fees where a Student Account has been set up in the College's Finance System. It may not be used for other purposes. Payment(s) made through this facility after close of business on the due date of the relevant invoice, or the published deadline date for payment, whichever is later, will attract a late payment charge in accordance with the rules set out in the Student Fee Regulations. Please note that 'close of business' is defined as 4.00 p.m. on the day in question and payments made after this time will be treated as received on the next working day. The Fee Regulations can be found in the Student Handbook. Any additional charge(s) payable will be added to the Student's account in the usual way.

Where information provided by you whilst using the online card payment service is inaccurate or does not agree to the College records you may not be able to make a payment using the service. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the College is advised of changes to personal information.

Where information is presented to you from other College systems it is provided in good faith but the College does not warrant that such information accessible from this site is comprehensive, accurate or up to date. Where information is presented within the online card payment service, it is to facilitate payment of Tuition, Accommodation or other fees due to the College. The College separately advises such Fees to students and it is the responsibility of the Student to pay all fees due irrespective of how Fees may be shown in the online card payment service.

The College will take note of information provided regarding what the payment is for. It does,however, reserve the right to decide how the payment will be applied against unpaid amounts on a Student Account.

Use of Cookies on this site

All Cookies used in the epay site fall into the category of essential for the running of the site. Therefore, such Cookies can be set without the need for users of the site to consent to them. Details of the Cookies in use are :


Details of Cookies used on this site 

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The College's Privacy Statement can be viewed using this link and is part of these terms and conditions.

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