Mar 20 2020

Over the last ten days we have moved teaching and learning support online. We have confirmed that end of year exams and assessments will not be conducted face-to-face, but delivered using alternative assessments which will be suitable for electronic submission.

These are extraordinary times and we’ve had to move very quickly, which I appreciate has been disruptive and distressing. You have lots of questions and we don’t yet have all of the answers, I understand how frustrating and distressing this is for you and we are working as quickly as we can to identify ways to support all of our students at this difficult time.

In these circumstances, many of you have requested extensions to deadlines through our online system and had problems.

Our goal is that no student will be academically disadvantaged as a direct result of coronavirus (Covid-19) and so we are making changes to some deadlines as set out below.

Deadlines up to and including Friday 27 March

  • The new deadline for all work that is due to be submitted up to and including Friday 27 March is now Wednesday 15 April
  • This new deadline means you do not need to apply for an extension
  • If for any reason you are not able to meet the new deadline of Wednesday 15 April, you should apply for an extension using the normal process.

I appreciate that some of you may have already submitted work according to the original deadline and that you might be frustrated about this extension to deadlines. However, I also hope that you will appreciate that for other students, perhaps who have had to travel internationally, this extension will make a big difference at a difficult time.

Deadlines after Saturday 28 March and up to the beginning of term, Monday 27 April

  • If you have a deadline later than Friday 27 March and, for any reason, you are not able submit your work on time, you should apply for an extension using the normal process
  • The limit on the number of extension requests which may be submitted in an academic year has been lifted
  • The requirements for medical evidence have been lifted as it is unlikely that these can be obtained in current circumstances
  • We will treat all cases sympathetically but we would encourage you to do what you can to complete the work within the set deadline
  • If you have a deadline after Saturday 28 March but before Monday 27 April, please note, we will be reviewing these deadlines early next week and will contact you directly.

Exams and assessments

We are working through the detail of alternatives to face-to-face exams and will provide more information about this by Friday 3 April.

In developing our approach, we will take into consideration that many students will be completing assessments across several international time zones and in a wide variety of environments. We are looking at a range of alternate assessments to ensure everyone is able to complete them.

Professor Paul Layzell