Mar 05 2020
You may have seen the media reports today (Thursday 5 March) that the Chief Medical Officer, speaking at the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee, has advised that the UK is now ‘mainly’ in the government’s ‘delay’ stage of its four stage approach to coronavirus (Covid-19), where previously the UK was in ‘contain’. 
The move into ‘delay’ does not currently affect our day to day activities which will continue as normal. While day to day activities continue as normal, the College is preparing plans should the government decide, as part of its 'delay' plan, to activate ‘population distancing strategies’. We will be guided by the government as to if and when to implement these plans, and will provide guidance as appropriate.
In the meantime, please continue to follow the government’s advice with regard to handwashing, travel and the symptoms and continue to monitor the intranet and social media for updates from the College. 

Professor Paul Layzell