Jun 17 2021
On 10 June 2021, the Home Office released an update to the Covid-19 concessions relating to the EU Settlement Scheme. These changes may mean that you are now eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme where you were not previously.

Absences from the UK for 12 months or longer are now permitted under certain circumstances and may not disqualify you from successfully applying under the scheme. If you have been absent from the UK for 12 months or longer, and can provide evidence that your university advised you to remain overseas (or that study would continue remotely) you may still be able to apply. This was not permitted before and so if you thought that you were previously unable to apply to the scheme, we are now recommending that you make an application.
If you have had multiple absences from the UK (one over 12 months in length) and either one of the these was related to coronavirus, you may also now be able to apply. If you think this may affect you, please contact the International Student Support Office.

The full details on the changes can be found here, along with what the Home Office will expect to be submitted as evidence with regards to the university’s instruction to study remotely. Communications that Royal Holloway have made to students regarding Covid-19 and our move to online teaching and learning can be found on the student intranet and on your College emails. 

Please note the scheme closes on 30 June 2021, so time is running out. You can start an application under the EU Settlement Scheme here. We recommend reviewing your potential eligibility for the scheme, and please get in touch if you need any advice. Applications are free, so we do recommend applying in most circumstances at this stage even if you believe you may be ineligible.

International Student Support