Dec 03 2018

On Tuesday 4 December a new Mental Health Literacy study was launched at the Psychology Wellbeing event. 

This study offers participants the opportunity to win a £100 Amazon voucher and allows psychology students to earn course credits if completed through EMS.  

This research study is investigating how Mental Health Literacy develops whilst people are attending university. Mental Health Literacy has been described as the ability to recognise mental health problems, having knowledge about mental health including how to access help and holding a set of attitudes and beliefs about people who experience mental health problems. 

Having a better understanding of how Mental Health Literacy develops during this important time will help researchers design new Mental Health Literacy campaigns that target people attending university. This study also aims to evaluate the psychometric properties of a new measure of Mental Health Literacy.

Who can take part?
We are recruiting students studying at Royal Holloway, University of London, who are aged 18 and over.

What does the study involve?
This study involves completing some questionnaires, reading a written vignette, watching a video clip and answering some questions about the hypothetical situations described in the vignette and video. The study takes 20-25 minutes to complete.

How to take part? 

Psychology students who wish to earn course credits, please take part via the Experiment Management System (EMS). The study name is: '(credit) Development of Mental Health Literacy in Young Adults'

All other students, please access the study using this link:  

Who to contact?
If you have any questions please contact Emily FulcherNicola Ingram or Dr Helen Pote.