On Throwback Thursday we’re going back to April when we shared this great image by one of our Geology students, Adam Hamilton. 

What a fantastic image of the department’s field trip to Cyprus. The Earth Sciences Department regard field work as an important part of a geologist’s training.

Students can go on field trips in the UK and abroad, that last from one day to several weeks. This is so they can learn the techniques  needed for the field interpretation of stratigraphy, sedimentology, tectonics and igneous processes.

There’s also a couple of Earth Sciences degrees that offer a year of study overseas so you can develop your field work skills even further.

Our Department of Geography also offers plenty of field trips including a one-week course in Andalusia (southern Spain) in your first year.

You also get the option to go to New York, Sicily or Malawi in your second year (depending on your degree).

And you don’t need to study a Science subject to have the chance to spend time abroad. Some of our departments offer degrees with a year abroad, such as the School of Modern Languages, Cultures and Literature and the Department of History.

We also offer international exchanges and the Erasmus+ programme giving you plenty of opportunities to spend some time abroad if you wish.