Parking on campus


Not all students are eligible for a student parking permit. Only those who live in Kingswood, are a commuting student that lives outside a 1.5 mile radius from campus or has a disability or medical condition may apply. Find out more below.

When can I apply for the 2018/19 Student Parking Permit?

If you had a 2017/18 parking permit it will automatically expire on 30 September 2018. If you are eligible for a new 2018/19 permit you must make a new application for a permit, otherwise there is a risk of receiving a Parking Charge Notice.    

The permit renewal system for a 2018/19 parking permit will open at noon on 3 September 2018 and you will have until midnight on 1 October 2018 to apply for your 2018/19 permit, otherwise there is a risk of receiving a Parking Charge Notice.    

Apply to register for your brand new 2018/19 permit HERE.   

You need to apply for a brand new permit for 2018/19. Please select the register option to do this and not the permit update option, which is where you can make changes after you have received your new 2018/19 permit. 

Once successfully completed applicants will receive a ‘Permit Applied For’ voucher by email, which should be displayed clearly through the front windscreen until the permanent one arrives in the post.  

Below are some basic FAQs that will provide further valuable information, with more detailed FAQs available here.

How do I apply for a permit?

Students should apply for an annual Parking Permit via the Online Parking Permit Portal and must use their College email address. 

Students must report to the Parking Admin team within seven days from the first day of term in the advertised collection area and after that from the Administration Office at Founder's East 48 and must produce original copies of the following:

  • a valid driving licence (provisional driving licences are not acceptable)
  • vehicle registration document (accompanied by a letter of authorisation to drive the vehicle if in a different name from the applicant)
  • a valid certificate of insurance
  • proof of student identity and term-time address. The term-time address you provide will be cross-checked with College records.

Where can I park?

Student Parking Permits allow the user to park in designated car parks, which currently include:

  • car park 4 (close to Handa Nōh Theatre)
  • car park 7 (at Runnymede Hall)
  • car park 8 (at Runnymede Hall)
  • car park 9 (at Gowar Hall)
  • car park 13 (at Penrose and Highfield Court on North Campus)
  • car park 14 (North Campus)
  • car park 14A (The lady of our Assumption Church off Harvest Road).

What if I don’t have a permit or haven't registered my vehicle?

As previously stated, all students require a permit to park on campus. The parking charge for parking without a permit or parking illegally is £60 maximum.

What about when I move in and out of Halls?

On arrivals and departure days, you (or your family and friends) may bring a car to help you move into and out of your hall. We will email you with details about parking on campus during arrivals day before Welcome Week.

In addition to standard Student Parking Permits, the following groups of students may also apply for a special permit:

Kingswood residents

Residents of Kingswood Hall may register their vehicle (through the Kingswood hall reception) to allow the use of the Kingswood car parks only.

Students with a disability or medical condition

Issued subject to confirmation from the Disability and Dyslexia Service of the requirement to park in the designated student parking areas. Please do not submit an online application until you have received confirmation from the Disability and Dyslexia Service that your application has been approved.

Students with a Blue Badge may park in the designated disabled bays anywhere on campus, however they will still need to apply for and display a permit in the usual way.