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Social Life and Students' Union


Universities are an opportunity to enrich other non-academic aspects of your life by participating in sports, societies, volunteering & social events. Mature students often have other commitments in their life that need to be balanced with academic work and finding time for social activities can be difficult. We strongly encourage all students to get involved with events and groups on campus.

“Get involved- There is something for everyone at Royal Holloway. The SU is representative of the entire spectrum of the student body. Join a sports club or society, it immerses you well into campus life and you can really help the committees, or even become a committee member. Be open to new things, and embrace the “Uni experience”, you may have got here a little later in life, but that shouldn't stop you enjoying it completely.”

                                                                                            - Clive Hill, Students’ Union Mature Students Rep

As part of my role as Co-President Welfare & Diversity, it’s my job to make sure that the SU is open and engaging for students who don’t fall into the majority on campus: one of these groups is mature students. On a daily basis, I work to challenge events we organise to make them appealing to students who fall outside of our normal demographic of 18-22 year olds.

My role also exists so that we can work to represent these students and their specific needs if issues arise, but also to celebrate successes and achievements. But I’m by no means supposed to be an expert, so we also have a Mature & Part-Time Students Rep at the Students’ Union, Clive Hill, to more accurately represent the best interests of mature students to our decision making bodies.

All students are welcome to drop by my office on 1st Floor of the SU if you would like to chat or have any issues you would like to discuss. ”
                                                                                                 - Jack Kilker, Co-President Welfare & Diversity

Breakfast club is every Monday (term time) from 8am in Coffee and Cake, The Hub. It’s for all commuting students to attend. A chance for you to meet others who commute, get in early and get a parking space and maybe meet someone you can car share with, or walk to the train station with. Contact Campus Life for further information.