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Time Management and Family Commitments


When students have different commitments organising your time effectively is key to keeping on top of your home commitments without compromising your academic success. 

Try to plan your week around the attendance of lectures, working out when other commitments need to take place and planning when and where your optimum time to study is. Are you able to focus more in the library or at home? If you have other commitments having a good support network of people who can help you in short notice may be needed from time to time.

You may need to plan revision and assignments well ahead of your classmates as there might be less time and opportunity for last minute late-night studying.

Most importantly make sure you take regular rest breaks when studying and try to establish a good work-life balance. Relentless hard work and no relaxation can lead to burnout, heightened stress or illness.

“In one word, “Structure”. Use your timetable to plan your week: Lectures, labs and tutorials are all scheduled each semester, so you know when you will be in; use this to plan your personal study time and importantly time for friends and family, they are your support network. I came from the work place and kept my “working day” for uni work, the trick is to find what works for you.”

                                                                                            - Clive Hill, Mature Student

If you are struggling to manage your study time please contact us for friendly support and advice.