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If you have an approved Postgraduate Loan, the Student Loan Company will pay the funds to your bank account once Royal Holloway has confirmed your registration on an eligible course. You are therefore a self-funded student and will need to make a fee payment in order to enrol.

If you are planning to use your loan to pay your tuition fees you must forward a copy of the approved loan confirmation to the Student Fees team before you can complete enrolment.

If the loan amount you are receiving each year is equal to or more than your fees for the year you will be permitted to complete enrolment , your registration will be confirmed to the SLC and your tuition fees will be split in to three equal instalments in line with the loan payments due to you.  

If you are eligible to receive the Alumni Discount, this will be allocated to the total fee with your remaining balance split into three equal instalments. 

Please note the fees for each year must be paid in full before continuing onto the next year if you are on a multiyear course.

If your fees are higher than the maximum loan entitlement per year then you will be expected to pay 50% of  the shortfall before your registration is confirmed to the SLC, with the other 50% payable at the start of term 2. The balance of your tuition fee, covered by the loan, will be split in to three equal instalments in line with the loan payments due to you.

Once you have completed registration at the university, we will contact the Student Loans Company to confirm this and your payment will be released within two-five working days of this confirmation being sent.

Please note that this process will ONLY release payment if you have completed your Declaration to the SLC confirming that you accept the Terms and Conditions of the loan. 

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