Jul 02 2021

The College has introduced a quarantine and self-isolation support package to support students with an EU or international fee status and who are currently abroad and will be travelling to campus to continue their studies for the 2021/22 academic year. The package includes:

  • A refund of the cost of travel Covid-19 tests (up to £150 for one test in an academic year)
  • A refund of quarantine hotel costs (up to £1,500, if required to use a quarantine hotel by law)
  • On campus accommodation and support from 23 August for students who are required to self-isolate and will be living in College Halls of Residence for the 2021/22 academic year.

On-campus self-isolation support for amber-listed countries

On-campus self-isolation accommodation and support will be available from Monday 23 August for students arriving in the UK before term starts.

The support is for students travelling from an amber-listed county (or similar scheme in operation at that time) who will be living in Campus Halls of Residence and are required to self-isolate, but who are not required to use Government designated quarantine hotels. 

Students travelling from an amber country are encouraged to arrive early, so they can complete their self-isolation prior to the start of session. They can do so by booking a ten day self–isolation package. Students will be given a self-catering, en-suite room in a flat with other students completing their self-isolation. The cost of the package is £250 and will be available between Monday 23 August and Friday 10 September (The ten days must be completed by 10 September); at the end of the period of self-isolation, students will move into their allocated room in Halls. Full details of the support package and booking will be available by end of July.

Red-listed countries

If a student is travelling from a red-listed country (or similar scheme in operation at that time), the College is not able to offer quarantine hotel facilities and you will need to book into a designated quarantine hotel. You will not be required to self-isolate on campus after you have completed your quarantine hotel stay. 

Green-listed countries

If a student is travelling from a green-listed country (or similar scheme in operation at that time) no self–isolation is required. 

Testing is required for all arrivals

All UK and International students must take a Covid test before travelling and will be required to show a negative test on arrival to campus to check into their room. Students who test positive should not travel to campus until after their self-isolation period has ended. If a student arrives and is unable to show a negative test they will be referred to a testing area on campus, where they can take a test. If a student tests positive they will not be permitted to check into Halls, if practical they will be asked to return home to self-isolate. If this is not practical, they will be referred to accommodation where they will be able to self-isolate, which may be off-campus.

If your arrival is delayed

International students who are unable to travel for the start of session or who are delayed by off-campus quarantine should notify the student services centre and add the subject ‘Delayed arrival’ to the email.

Rooms can be held until 1 December 2021 to accommodate late arrival. After this date, students will need to reapply once arrival date is known. Please note – please check any impact on your studies and Visa status if you are thinking of arriving late. A late arrival option is not available to UK students. 

Further details will be published soon and remember, all arrangements are subject to review, if Government guidelines change.