Jul 30 2021

As part of their 60th birthday celebrations, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has thanked our students for their generous donation efforts and ongoing support.

Since 2013, our College community, with support from student-led social enterprise project Donate and Reuse, has generated 9,809 bags of donations through the ‘Pack for Good’ campaign. This also includes donations of furniture, which brings the total value of donations to date to an impressive £137,676.

A series of monthly online events are being held to mark the British Heart Foundation’s birthday milestone - more details can be found on their website here. The BHF are also encouraging supporters to get involved in other fundraising activities as part of their 60th birthday celebrations and have provided some unique ideas. These include a taking part in a 60s-themed quiz, organising a 60s-themed dress-up day at work, and growing out your beard for 60 days.

All donations and funds raised will go towards funding life-saving research and breakthroughs for patients with heart and circulatory diseases.