Jan 18 2022

The Go, Run, Lead Programme is a series of of three seminars for women and gender non-binary students and staff interested in running for elected office or making a career in campaign politics. The four seminars are:

1) Ten Things to Know about Running for Office

2) Campaign Training

3) Violence against Women in Politics Training

4) Gender, Elections and Voting.

Women are massively underrepresented in political leadership around the world – they constitute less than a quarter of the world’s parliamentarians. While the UK is slightly above that (34% in the House of Commons, 28% in the House of Lords), that is still far fewer than the women in the population. Research shows that women who run for office experience gendered expectations, endure gendered harassment, and remain at a fundraising disadvantage compared to their male competitors. Still, there are considerable and growing resources for female candidates and potential candidates – they can benefit from significant research, from organisations interested in promoting female candidates, and from building a network of women interested in seeking public office. This programme seeks to train potential candidates and build networks.

The seminars will be held on 2 March, 9 March, 16 March and 23 March from 3-5pm. Contact Josephine Carr for more information and apply to the programme here. The application deadline is Monday 31 January.