Making a complaint


Help and Advice

Royal Holloway is a friendly and caring community, offering numerous services to support your wellbeing and to help you get the most out of your time at the College.  We understand that there many factors that can negatively influence your university experience, but there are also many places you can go for advice and guidance. Please follow this link to the College’s Student Welbeing pages.

The Advice & Support Centre at the Students’ Union is able to provide support and advice before, during and after a complaint (tel. +44 (0)1784 276700).

If you have any questions about the Student Complaints Procedure  you can contact either the Student Services Centre ( ) or the Academic Investigations team (


Third Party Assistance

It is expected that you will act on your own behalf when communicating with the College. You are not prevented from obtaining advice and assistance from any party, including lawyers, but a complaint is an internal rather than a legal process so it is inappropriate for you to be represented by a lawyer, and no advantage will be gained by doing so.

If you do appoint a third party representative, the College will communicate directly with that representative, and not with you, until advised otherwise. You must therefore be sure that your representative knows about your complaint and is able to devote sufficient time to it.

If you decide to appoint legal representation, the College reserves the right to appoint their own which may result in your complaint taking longer to investigate. 


Formal Complaint

A formal complaint means that:

1.the details of the complaint are recorded on a complaint form

2.Informal resolution is inappropriate because of the nature of the complaint, or has been unsuccessful

3.all complaint forms submitted are kept on file by the Academic Investigations team

4.a report on all formal complaints (not including the names of students or staff) is made annually to the College Council. 

Please ensure that you submit your complaint as quickly as possible, and within three months of the incident or action being complained about. If you submit a complaint outside of this deadline it will not normally be investigated.


Complaint Form

An electronic copy of the Formal Complaint Form can be found here. If you cannot access the form this way, your department/school or the Students’ Union can download one for you. 

You should submit your completed complaint form electronically to

If your complaint is considered by the Academic Investigations team to be frivolous or malicious, disciplinary action may be taken under the regulations governing non-academic offences.