The Students Complaints Procedure


If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome after attempting to resolve the matter informally, and you wish to take the matter further, you should submit a formal complaint.  In order to do so, please complete the complaint form explaining what has happened, what has been done to try and resolve the issue and what outcome you are hoping to achieve. You should submit the form within three months of the incident or action being complained about by sending it to the Academic Investigations team using the email address: complaints@rhul.ac.uk.  Please also ensure that you include any supporting evidence.

We recognise that it is not an easy decision to submit a complaint and that you may have concerns about the impact on your relationship with staff or your academic studies. However, please be assured that you will not be disadvantaged or treated any differently because you have submitted a complaint.  We will  always handle your complaint with an appropriate level of confidentiality.

If the issue you are complaining about is affecting your studies please do not wait until your results are published as retrospective complaints cannot be investigated, other than in exceptional circumstances.

If you have particular circumstances or individual needs we may, with your agreement, adapt this procedure. Reasonable adjustments will be considered on a case by case basis and with the advice of Student Wellbeing. 



Making a Complaint


The investigation of a Fomal Complaint


The outcome of a Formal Complaint


Complaint Form