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We can help you complete a wide range of forms confirming your enrolment at Royal Holloway

Service Update: Forms

 8 April 2020 

Following the recent announcement by the UK Government regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have suspended our face-to-face service and the Student Services Centre team is now working remotely. Unfortunately, during this time we are unable to complete forms as we normally would however, we may still be able to assist in confirming your enrolment. To make a request please email us, attaching the form that needs completing and we will advise further;

  1. You can provide your Student Status Certificate available from Campus Connect to a third party. Should the third party wish to contact us for verification of the authenticity of the document, they can send a scanned copy of the document to and we would be happy to assist
  2. We may also be able to send a PDF of your Student Status Certificate directly to a third party along with responses to questions (from the form) otherwise not covered by the information in the document.

Please note, if you are a Postgraduate Research Student, you will need to contact the Doctoral School



The Student Services Centre can help complete a wide range of forms confirming your enrolment, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • the form is asking us to confirm something to do with your academic record (such as your course, start date or expected end date)
  • the form is written in English.

You can submit your form to us in person at the Student Services Centre or send a scan of your form to us by email.

Forms we can't complete

We aren’t able to complete forms that ask for information regarding:

  • your progress during an academic year (such as course work marks or attendance)
  • your character (such as your reliability, punctuality or enthusiasm).

If you’re given a form that asks for any of the above information, we recommend that you speak to your department to see if they’re able to complete it for you.

Are you a postgraduate research student?

If so, please submit your form to the Doctoral School in person or send a scan of your form to them via email