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Complete a form

We can help you complete a wide range of forms confirming your enrolment at Royal Holloway

The Student Services Centre can help complete a wide range of forms confirming your enrolment, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • the form is asking us to confirm something to do with your academic record (such as your course, start date or expected end date)
  • you have started your programme and are fully enrolled as a student for the academic year being referenced in the form
  • the form is written in English.

How do I submit a request?  

Please send a scanned colour copy of your form to if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student. If you are a postgraduate research student, please send your form to

Once received, we will confirm your information and complete your form returning it as a PDF attachment to your college email address. Requests will be processed within 2-5 working days. 

Forms we can't complete

We aren’t able to complete forms that ask for information regarding:

  • your progress during an academic year (such as course work marks or attendance)
  • your character (such as your reliability, punctuality or enthusiasm).

If you’re given a form that asks for any of the above information, we recommend that you speak to your department to see if they’re able to complete it for you.

Are you a postgraduate research student?

Please submit your request to Doctoral School