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Request a Schengen Visa Letter

If you want to go travelling in Europe but need a visa, we can help

Service Update: Schengen Visa Letter

5 May 2020 

Following the recent announcement by the UK Government regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have suspended our face-to-face service and the Student Services Centre team is now working remotely. The UK Government has also advised against all but essential travel, meaning that we not offer a Schengen Visa Letter to students at this time. 


If you’re studying in the UK on a student visa and want to travel to Europe while you’re here, you’ll need a travel visa. A large number of European countries are part of a free movement area call the Schengen Area, which means that you’ll only need to apply for one visa to visit as many of those countries as you like!

The countries which make up the Schengen Area are:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden

How can I request a Schengen Visa Letter to support my application?

To request this letter, simply fill out our quick online request form. Please make sure that you include the full name and address of the embassy you’re applying to in the request!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What information is included in a Schengen Visa Letter?

A Schengen Visa Letter confirms the same information as a Student Status Certificate but is addressed to the embassy that you’re applying to - if we don’t include this information, it is likely to be rejected.

How long will it take to produce my Schengen Visa Letter?

We aim to process all requests for this letter within one to two working days.

How will I recieve my Schengen Visa Letter?

When you request a Schengen Visa Letter, you will be offered a choice of how you would like to receive the document. You can choose to collect the letter from the Student Services Centre, have it emailed to you or receive the document via post. 

I need an original signature on my Schengen Visa Letter

We are aware that certain embassies require an original signature and will produce a Schengen Visa Letter for you containing an original signature accordingly.

Please note, if you request and a Schengen Visa Letter for a country requiring an original signature and request to have to document emailed to you, it will digitise the signature and it will likely be rejected by the embassy.

I'm not in attendance at University, can I request a Schengen Visa Letter?

Yes, if you are currently on year in industry or have interrupted your studies you are still eligible to receive a Schengen Visa Letter.  

I'm a former student, can I request a Schengen Visa Letter?

No, once your studies at Royal Holloway have finished we will be unable to provide a Schengen Visa Letter for you. 


Find out more about the Schengen Visa scheme

You can find more information about how the Schengen visa system works on our International Student Support Office website.