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These items do not form part of the General Regulations, but will also be useful.

Student Data Collection

How the College uses student personal data (a fair processing notice).  This notice explains why we collect this data and what our legal basis for doing so is, who we share this data with, and how long we retain this.

Student Data Collection Notice [PDF]

Attendance and Engagement Policy

Outlines the College policy on measuring student engagement with academic activities

Student Attendance and Engagement Policy [PDF]

In the case of absence through illness you must inform Student Administration by completing a notification of absence form that is available on the Notification of Absence webpages

Fairness and Assurance Policy

Including clarification in respect of the carry forward of Emergency Regulations from 2019/20 to 2020/21.

Fairness and Assurance Policy [PDF]

Maternity policy

This document provides students and staff with information about how the College will support a student who is pregnant or has decided to terminate a pregnancy. (Last review January 2020)

Pregnancy & Maternity Policy

Pregnancy & Maternity guidance

Checklist for new and expectant Mothers

Student Maternity Support Plan 


Student accommodation policy

Student accommodation terms and policies

Statement of Investment Policy

Representatives across the College, including the Students’ Union, are involved in reviewing our Investment Policy, taking into account the importance of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors and, in particular, issues such as climate change.

The Principles of our Statement of Investment Policy include a commitment to the decarbonisation of the College’s endowment investments and aims to set targets in the following three areas:

  • Reduction of future emissions
  • Reducing exposure to carbon intensive companies
  • Making investments in sustainability-themed investments, for example, climate change mitigation, low carbon technology, social housing, sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency

The College’s Investment Sub Committee performs a bi-annual analysis of the endowment’s carbon footprint and monitors progress towards the targets.

The Statement of Investment Policy affirms the investment principles that govern decisions about the investment of the College’s endowment.

Royal Holloway Statement of Investment Policy (May 2019) [PDF]
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