Term three accommodation options 2020/21

Please complete this form by Wednesday 5 May if you have not returned to College accommodation and have had your rent removed until 25 April

If you have not returned to College accommodation and have had your rent removal extended through to 25 April, you have the following options available for your term three accommodation:

Return to Halls

If you are unable to study at home, or if you are expected to return to campus for face-to-face studies or exams from the 26 April, you are permitted to return to your campus accommodation. International students need to continue to follow the advice on international travel.

Rent removal extension

Following the most recent Government announcement, Royal Holloway is offering students the option to extend their rent removal through to 16 May. If you opt to have your rent removal extended and then find that you need to return to Halls before 16 May, you should email studentservices@royalholloway.ac.uk, and give us five days’ notice, so access to your room can be arranged and your rent removal cancelled from the date you return. Please note, there will be no further rent removal beyond 16 May so you will be liable to pay from 17 May until the end of your contract if you select this option.

Contract cancellation 

If you do not intend to return to your College accommodation, you can opt to have your accommodation contract cancelled with effect from the 26 April. If you wish to have your contact cancelled, you must complete the below form by Wednesday 5 May and ensure that you’ve emptied your room by Saturday 12 June. To arrange access to your room to remove your belongings, please contact the Halls Customer Services team at customerservices@royalholloway.ac.uk, providing five days’ notice of your intended collection date.

Please complete the form below by Wednesday 5 May to inform us of your intentions for term three. 

Click here to confirm your term three accommodation options

Need to collect your belongings from Halls?

If you are not returning to your Halls accommodation and need to remove your belongings, please ensure that you arrange this with Customer Services, providing five days’ notice of your intended collection date.