How do I install the printer drivers for Mac?


You can print on Royal Holloway’s printers from your personal Laptop or Desktop machine - you don’t have to be using one of our lab or library PCs.

You will need to download the printer drivers and follow these install instructions.

  1. From the Downloads folder open the popup_with_custom_script folder and choose Popup.pkg. This will open an installer.
  2. The installer will take you through several steps. You should keep the default selections made by the installer throughout.
  3. When you are asked for credentials to install the new software you should use your computer’s username and password, not your College ones.
  4. When the configuration and script packages have run through you will receive a message indicating that the installation was successful.  Click on Close.

This will make “B + W on rhulprint” and “Colour on rhulprint” available for you to print to if you are on our network. If you are printing from campus your device will need to be logged into CampusNet. If you would like to print from home you will need to be using the VPN.

You will be able to collect your documents from any of our printers with swipe access. You will need to print your documents within 24 hours of sending them to print or they will be removed from the print queue.

 Check our list of printer locations.

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