First Term at Royal Holloway


Most students find the first few weeks of term difficult, if you are feeling that way you won’t be the only one.

Try to have everything ready and prepared for your first week, using any information you have been given from your departments on, or before, your first day.  Knowing where you need to be and when can help reduce any added stress.

If you are living off campus allow yourself plenty of time to travel in and take walks around campus so you can get to know where everything is.

Attendance at lectures is compulsory, if you are unwell make sure you submit an absence form which can be downloaded here.

Reading lists are provided by your tutors to help you with your self-study, you will not necessarily need to read all of the items on the list so speak to your tutor about which readings are the most important or relevant.

Allow plenty of time to complete your assignments, even if they are not due until the end of term it is worth starting them early as deadlines come around much quicker than you think they will!

“Get to know your tutors and peers - I cannot stress this enough. A good relationship with your tutors helps when there are issues outside of Uni life that impact on your studies: Two trips to hospital with my children in my first year meant time away from lectures, I kept them in the loop, and they supported me throughout. My peers took lecture notes and even set up a small study session once I returned, to ensure I was up to speed.”

                                                                                            - Clive Hill,Mature Student

For further support and advice please contact us.