2017-18 TRAVEL Award and COLLEGE Prize Winners


2017-18 Travel Award & Prize Winners

The funding has been awarded to a wide variety of projects and pieces of work and all of the 2017-18 awardees have been asked to provide the piece of work or a report on their project for which they received funding for. You can find out about these fascinating projects and read their reports by clicking on the students' pictures below and this page will be updated as the projects progress.

Hopefully reading these projects will inspire you to make your own application for the 2018-19 awards which we expect to open in November 2018.

Mary MacPherson Essay Prize

The Mary MacPherson Essay Prize is open to undergraduate students from any academic department of the College and is awarded for a piece of journalistic writing of high distinction. The subject of the essay is chosen by the candidate. For more information please read the Mary MacPherson Prize criteria.

Sahar Mahmood

A Trumped America

Entrepreneurship lecture

Nada Abdelrahman

The effects of Brexit on graduate recruitment: how to get ahead in 2018


Sally Gibbs

At the Mercy of Mother Nature

Environment_Blossom 460421363

Christopher Kelly

No Signal; How the 70’s Rock and Roll spirit survives in the age of Instagram

Chris Kelly Doc Photo


Max Carey Memorial Prize

The Max Carey Memorial Prize is open to undergraduate students from any academic department of the College and is awarded for work which shows initiative and enterprise. The submission may fall within a student's degree speciality but the prize will not usually be awarded for activities carried out as part of a student's normal academic work. For more information please read the Max Carey Memorial Prize criteria.

Harriet Spivey

Extracts from ‘So Far’ – An account of the three months I spent in Senegal

International flags

Thomas Baynes


media microphones

Dame Felicity Lott 

The Scholarship is open to all final year students who intend to progress to a professional career as a performer of music. It is not limited to those pursuing a music degree. If pursuing a BMus degree, applicants must have taken Performance in the final year. Applicants must be able to provide evidence of excellence in their field as an intending professional musician, supported by a statement of their achievements and two references one of which must be from an academic at Royal Holloway. For more information please read the Dame Felicity Lott Award criteria.

Adam Jarman

Dame Felicity Lott Bursary Report


Royal Holloway Travel Award & Santander Travel Award

The Travel Award is available to current students from any discipline and from any level (Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research). The award shall be used towards travel, whether within the UK or abroad which enhances the student's academic work including travel to conferences. The award is also available to those who wish to travel in order to pursue an extra-curricular or cultural project which has an indirect benefit to their academic work. For more information please read the Royal Holloway Travel Award criteria and the Santander Travel Award criteria.

Benjamin Dupres

Addressing the elephant in the room: Overpopulation


Elisabeta-Elena Balasoiu

Delinquent Boys

Pic 1

MD Nazmul Hasan

Understanding the effectiveness of industrial relocation in improving the environmental performance of polluting firms in developing countries

Md Nazmul Hasan Photo

Ayodeji Bayo Ogunrotifa

HIV Management as Healthwork: A study of Everyday Use of Antiretroviral Medications


Yu-Tsen Chi

CWMUN New York


Chiraag Shah

The effects of modernisation and foreign influence on the preservation of cultural traditions through oracy in Bhutan.

C Shah Photo

Mukesh Kulriya

Bhakti in women’s folk songs of Rajasthan

M Kulriya - Photo

Ke Lei Chloe Ang

Padarewski Piano Academy


Mohammad Nasravi

Pilgrimage as a Heterotopian Space

M Nasravi Photo

Moudwe Daga

Perception of Violence and Statehood in Chad

M Daga Photo

Maria Gallagher

Getting ready for Mars: how the brain perceives new gravitational environments

100847205 Maria Gallagher Photo JPEG

Toby Robson

Oxidation of organic material at a buried solid-liquid interface: Cloud-climate effects and a new community cell for neutron and x-ray experiments of same the interface.

Toby Robson Photo 2

Sarah Hughes

Undergraduate Research Experience in Astronomical Instrumentation

Sarah Hughes

Waheed Arshad

Plant Biology Europe 2018 Conference

Waheed Arshad Conference Photo

Natalia Sali

Effects of Migration on Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing of Filipino Migrants

N Sali Photo


Vanessa Urbina

Towards a More Inclusive Bogota, a Research Study of Displaced Women Living in the Capital of Colombia

VUrbina Photo

William Barnes

Negotiating the Stratosphere: The elemental encounters of Solar Geoengineering Research

W Barnes Photo

Edward Shambrook

Postvivon: An Esperanto Play


Vivian Tan

Presentation at Ludomusicology Conference

V Tan Photo

Zaki Ahmad

10th Salk Institute Cell Cycle Meeting

Z Ahmad Photo

Juliet Flavell

An exploration of Internet of Things Cybersecurity

Juliet travel award

Jason Smith

Cyber Security Awareness and Education policy in the UK Military


Ella Robbins

Investigating organic avocado consumption trends and effects in Barcelona

E Robbins Photo


Helen Cam Award

The Helen Cam Award is given to contribute towards exceptional research expenses (other than normal subsistence) which are not covered by any other grant or award and is open to History graduates of the College, to other History students who are, or have been, registered at the College for a Postgraduate course and to Research Fellows attached to the Department of History. For more information please read the Helen Cam Award criteria.

Zosia Edwards

Medieval Methods of Pregnancy Diagnosis

ZEdwards Photo


Ethel Beatrice Abraham Award

The Award is to assist a graduate of Royal Holloway continue research or advanced study in Greek or Classics and can be used for the purchase of books or to assist with travel costs.

Timothy Brady

Presenting a Paper at Bologna University

T Brady


Peter Marsh Prize

Mr and Mrs J Marsh have endowed this prize in memory of their son Peter Marsh, who was a student at Royal Holloway College from 1979 to 1981.The award is given to an undergraduate student of the College, who will normally be in the second year of his/her course of study, to assist with a field project in ecology or conservation.

Billy Dyall

Investigating and analysing the ectoparasitic load of three species of caiman in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Peru

B Dyall Photo

Kelly Purse

Climate change and its impact on Coral

K Purse Photo


Irene Marshall Scholarship

Miss Irene Marshall was a student of Bedford College from 1907 to 1910. She died in 1943, making provision in her will for the foundation of this Scholarship. The Scholarship is open to students in the Faculty of Science at Royal Holloway, University of London, with preference being given to applicants in the Department of Geography.

Kelly Purse

Climate Change and the impact on Coral

K Purse Photo

Sebastian Hachmeyer

The sustainability of Indigenous wind instrument making practices in Bolivia

S Hachmeyer Photo