2018-19 TRAVEL Award and COLLEGE Prize Winners


2018-19 Travel Award & Prize Winners

The funding has been awarded to a wide variety of projects and pieces of work and all of the 2018-19 awardees have been asked to provide the piece of work or a report on their project for which they received funding. You can find out about these fascinating projects and read their reports by clicking on the students' pictures below and this page will be updated as the projects progress.

Hopefully reading these projects will inspire you to make your own application for the 2019-20 awards which we expect to open in November 2019.

Mary MacPherson Essay Prize

The Mary MacPherson Essay Prize is open to undergraduate students from any academic department of the College and is awarded for a piece of journalistic writing of high distinction. The subject of the essay is chosen by the candidate. For more information please read the Mary MacPherson Prize criteria.

Becca Bashford

"Free Speech?"


Max Carey Memorial Prize

The Max Carey Memorial Prize is open to undergraduate students from any academic department of the College and is awarded for work which shows initiative and enterprise. The submission may fall within a student's degree speciality but the prize will not usually be awarded for activities carried out as part of a student's normal academic work. For more information please read the Max Carey Memorial Prize criteria.

Roberto Di Bella

Royale Bikes

Jake Shepherd

(Re)Telling the New Town Story Project


Michael Rotenberg



Kathleen Nixon Award

The Kathleen Nixon Award is open to female students who are graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London or who have recently graduated. It is intended to provide a contribution towards the cost of professional or vocational training. For more information please read the Kathleen Nixon Award criteria.


Anna Richards

Graduate Diploma in Law at City University

Anna Richards

Jenny Collins

MA Performance (Musical Theatre) at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London (photo coutersy of CMR Photography)

Jenny Collins


Royal Holloway Travel Award & Santander Travel Award

The Travel Award is available to current students from any discipline and from any level (Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research). The award shall be used towards travel, whether within the UK or abroad which enhances the student's academic work including travel to conferences. The award is also available to those who wish to travel in order to pursue an extra-curricular or cultural project which has an indirect benefit to their academic work. For more information please read the Royal Holloway Travel Award criteria and the Santander Travel Award criteria.

Emily Latham

Sharing Matters - LENA The Fashion Library

Aleksandrina Atanasova

Globalization and New Emergent Forms of Contemporary Living

100904791 Alex Atanasova1


Claire Martin

A Dramaturgical Ethnography in New York City

100890089 Claire Martin - Merlin Building

Emmanuel Siaw

Ideologies and Africa's International Relations


Andrew Lo

Summit Diplomacy in Beijing

100882771 Andrew Lo2

Margherita Alinovi

Victim or Villain: A case study of NGO's in Kenya in the field of child protection

100855562 Margherita Alinova


Timothy Moore

Exchange Scholarship Year at Yale University

100689454 Timothy Moore - prof pic

Tom Holmes

'Stalemate', a film by Tom Holmes

100846941 Tom Holmes - D2F8C785-F0F7-4158-8AFA-F854D4217472


Waheed Arshad

International Seed Science Society Seed Ecology Conference

Emily Vella

Researching Oil Pollution in Trinidad


Hope Johnson

An Investigation into Iberian Identity through Architecture in Spain

Emese Szasz

Interning with the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research Trafficking and attending its annual symposium


Helen Cam Award

The Helen Cam Award is given to contribute towards exceptional research expenses (other than normal subsistence) which are not covered by any other grant or award and is open to History graduates of the College, to other History students who are, or have been, registered at the College for a Postgraduate course and to Research Fellows attached to the Department of History. For more information please read the Helen Cam Award criteria.

Markus Mindrebø

Medieval Congress, Leeds


Peter Marsh Prize

The Peter Marsh Prize is awarded each year to an undergraduate student of the College, who will normally be in the second year of his/her course of study. The award takes the form of a bursary to assist with a field project in ecology or conservation. For more information please read the Peter Marsh Prize criteria.

Emily Wilkinson

Operation Wallacea in Akumal Bay, Mexico

Hannah Lessiter

The Upper Sabina Tiberina Project


Irene Marshall Scholarship

The Irene Marshall Scholarship is open to students in the Faculty of Science at Royal Holloway and is to be used to support travel or research in the study of Geography and/or Botany or in the pursuit of a second degree or special degree course. For more information please read the Irene Marshall Scholarship criteria.

Dorothy Weston

International Quarternary Association Conference, Dublin

Valentine Gavard

Risky Migration between Vietnam and the United Kingdom

100898492 Valentine Gavard Suaire Photo


Victoria Hazlitt Memorial Fund

The Victoria Hazlitt Memorial Fund is open to undergraduateand postgraduate students at Royal Holloway undertaking a course of study in the Department of Pyschology. The Fund was set up to make grants for such purposes as payment of fees, travelling expenses, purchase of books, purchase or hire of apparatus. For more information please read the Victoria Hazlitt Memorial Fund criteria.

Alex Lloyd

Patch Foraging Paradigm

Callum Woods

European Conference on Visual Perception

100792389 CallumWoods_ECVP_Talk


Bill Chaloner Memorial Award

The Bill Chaloner Memorial Award is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the College, in the Departments of Geography, Biology and Earth Sciences. The Award is available to support young scientists particularly those studying in the areas of botany, paeleobotany, palynoology and global change, including Quarternary studies. The Award can be used to enable students to interact with other scientists across the world. For more information please read the Bill Chaloner Memorial Award criteria.

Danai Antonaki

Marine Plankton Ecology Summer Course

Max Coleman

EGU General Assembly


Ashley Abrook

INQUA Congress, Dublin

Connor Barker

Aerosol Science Summer School


Una Ellis-Fermor Award

The Una Ellis-Fermor Award is open to postgraduate research students in the field of English, Irish or Scandinavian Drama to assist them in the publication of scholarly work or enable them to undertake travel in support of their research. For more information please read the Una Ellis-Fermor Award criteria.

Jennifer Edwards

'NextGenPlen', Shakespeare Association of America

Lisa Moravec

Human and Animal Dressage Performances


Edna Purdie Memorial Fund

Students and former students of Royal Holloway College, Bedford College and Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, are eligible to apply to the Fund for assistance with completion and/or publication of scholarly work, dissertation and thesis in Germanic or English Studies or in Comparative Studies where there is a substantial Germanic element. For more information please read the Edna Purdie Memorial Fund criteria.

Jack Chellman

Identity Politics and Finnegans Wake: Presenting at the 2019 North American James Joyce Symposium


Constance West Travel Award

The Constance West award is made to a student of Modern Languages for travel expenses or costs of further courses and/or training. For more information please read the Constance West Travel Award criteria.

Lucy Benjamin

Annual Collegium Phaenomenologicum

Stefano Serafini

Research Trip to Italy