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Results Pending Letter

Get proof you have finished your course and are awaiting your results 


This document is not currently available. It will be made available to relevant student groups once they have reached the expected end date for their course but are still awaiting the release of their results. For details on when this document will be available for different student groups please take a look at our documents guide

What is the Results Pending Letter? 

The Results Pending Letter is a document which confirms that you've finished your studies and that you're currently awaiting your results. It will also confirm your personal details (name and date of birth), your programme title, the start and end date of your course and the date your results are due to be released. The document has an electronic signature and stamp, unless you let us know you would like for it to be posted or collected, as this would contain an original signature and stamp.

Can I request the Results Pending Letter?

If you have finished your programme (reached your expected end date) and your results have not yet been released you can request the letter via the online request form. 

If you still have access to your Interim Transcript and Student Status Certificate on Campus Connect, you are not eligible for the Results Pending Letter.

When can I request the Results Pending Letter?

This will depend on your level of study. We publish the form at set periods of the year when students have completed their programme but are awaiting results. For undergraduate students this is typically at the end of term 3 and for postgraduate taught, this is at the end of term 4.


How can I request the Results Pending Letter?

Requests for the Results Pending Letter can be made via the request form published on this webpage. The request form will only be available at particular times of years. If the form is not available and you have reached your expected end date whilst still awaiting your results, please contact the Student Services Centre


How will I receive the Letter?

You will be to receive your Results Pending Letter via email, collection from the Student Services Centre or via post to your personal address. 

How long will it take?

Our turnaround time is 5-7 working days.

Can you address the letter to a specific person, organisation such as another university or an embassy?

We are not able to send this document directly to a third party but we provide information for third parties on the document itself and should the organisation wish to verify the authenticity of the document, we would be more than happy to do this. 

Can you provide more information to confirm I have finished studying and can work full-time?

We cannot provide this information, the document available to you is an accurate reflection of your student status and we cannot provide comment on your availability to work. The College provides general information on working whilst studying and if you are a Tier 4 student it is likely there are restrictions set by your visa and it is important you comply with these; the International Student Support Office can provide advice and support in this area.



If you have any queries about the Results Pending Letter please email the Student Services Centre team.