Results Pending Letter


Are you a finalist student and looking for a letter to prove that you've completed your studies but are still awaiting your results?

The Results Pending Letter includes your personal details (name and date of birth), your programme title, the start and end date of your course and the dates that your classification is due to be released.

Current students

If you’re a current student, and would like a formal copy of your results achieved so far, you can download your Interim Transcript from the ‘Study’ tab of your Campus Connect account.

Postgraduate Taught Students who have recently been awarded

On successfully completing your programme, a Diploma Supplement will be posted to you within 2 -3 weeks of your results being released on Campus Connect. If you require additional documentation to confirm your award, you can purchase this through our Online Store.


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If you have any queries about using this form or receiving your document please email the Student Services Centre team.