Completing Your Assessments


Assessments & Exams 2020/21

We have adapted our approach to exams and assessments in order that the results reflect your performance in these altered circumstances.  The majority of written examinations in the summer term will be held online, with the exception of a small number of modules where professional accreditation require students to be assessed by in person exams. 

We plan to hold practical assessments face-to-face, if we are able to.  Arrangements will be confirmed by Schools as soon as it is possible to do so and in line with government restrictions.

The ‘Type of Assessment’ section below outlines the different types of assessments that will be running this year.  If a module is being assessed by a written examination in the Summer Term, confirmation of the exam type and duration will be published in the College Examinations & Assessment Timetable.  For other assessments the type and arrangements for the assessment will be confirmed by your School.

College Regulations and Assessment Guidance

  •  Our College Regulations set out the guidelines that we expect all of our students to follow and what the consequences are if they’re not followed. When you started at the College you agreed to read, understand and abide by them.  This includes the 20/21 Fairness and Assurance Policy.
  • The Assessments Guidance for Students gives you important information about the regulations surrounding assessments and results at the College. Not knowing is not an excuse so it’s in your interest that you take the time to read and understand them.  Please note an updated version of this document was published in January 2021 to reflect changes to how some modules will be assessed online – the changes from the first version are summarised at the beginning of the document.
  •  The Results webpages include the key information on results including when and how module and degree results will be released to students and what to do if you need to retake. 
  •  We know that events can occur which will impact your ability to complete assessments. Please see our Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances webpage for further information on these processes if you are impacted by illness or unforeseen circumstances.
  •  The College takes allegations of academic misconduct very seriously.  The Regulations on Academic Misconduct explains what an assessment offence is, how they are investigated and penalties which may be imposed.

Candidate Numbers

Candidate Numbers for the 2020/21 academic year are now available to view on Campus Connect. Your Candidate Number is extremely important as it allows us to mark your work anonymously. You must use your Candidate Number for official written examinations and assessed coursework.

To view your Candidate Number, you’ll need to log into Campus Connect with your username and password, then:

  • click on the ‘My Studies’ tab and go to the ‘My Exam Info’ section

  • click on the word ‘here’ and your number will appear in a pop-up window.

To ensure anonymity, it is important that you don’t put your Candidate Number on any work where your name is also listed and you mustn’t give the number to anybody else – including members of staff. 

Module & Assessment Registrations

In registering for your module you’re also registering for the assessments and examinations associated with those courses. You must ensure that you’ve been registered for the correct courses, including any courses that you’re retaking as a first sit, resitting or repeating.

 If you don’t register for a course, you’ll not be entered for the examination or assessment. Equally, if you’re registered on the wrong course(s), you’ll be entered for the assessment and you’ll eventually be graded as failing the course.

 To check your course registrations you’ll need to log into Campus Connect and click on the ‘My Studies’ tab and go to the ‘My Study Information’ section then click on the ‘Active Registrations’ section.

 Please note that Moodle is not a reliable way of checking your course registrations as this may not contain a complete list of your courses!

 The deadline for students to make changes to Autumn Term and Full-Year Course Registrations is Friday 16 October 2020 and the deadline for Spring and Summer Terms Module Registration is Friday 22 January 2021. 

 For students starting degree courses in January 2021 the final College deadlines to check and request changes to all modules registrations is Friday 22 January 2021. Noting that changes to registrations may be exceptionally permitted after this with the agreement of the Department up until the end of the Spring Term; Friday 26 March 2021.

 If you find any errors you must contact your School immediately so that the registrations can be corrected. 

Types of Assessment

Modules are assessed in a variety of different ways to test that students have met the learning outcomes of the module.  The table below summarises the key types of assessments that run for students on taught degree courses. Noting that this list is not exhaustive and other assessments may be undertaken as outlined in the course and module specifications.

College Invigilated Exams

  • In-person formal invigilated examination
  • Duration up to 4 hours
  • To be held Monday-Friday during Term Time in the College Examination Periods
  • Extensions are not permitted
  • Late Submission is not permitted
  • Exams usually start at 10am or 2pm (UK Timezone)

In-Class Tests & Department Invigilated Exams


  • In-person invigilated tests or examinations
  • Duration up to 4 hours
  • To be held Monday-Friday during Term Time
  • Extensions are not permitted
  • Late Submission is not permitted

Open Book Exams


  • Open book exams to be distributed and returned electronically
  • 23 hour period for completion – usually launched at 11am with a deadline of 10am the following day (UK Timezone)
  • Exam designed to be completed within 4 hours or less
  • To be held during Term Time or very exceptionally within 1 week of the start/end of Term
  • Extensions are not permitted
  • Late Submission is not permitted

Online Exams


  • Exam to be distributed and returned electronically or completed online
  • Exam time is appropriate for completion of the exam plus a period of additional time for uploading where required.  The maximum exam duration, including upload allowances, is 4 hours.
  • Usually launched at 10am (UK Timezone)
  • To be held during Term Time or very exceptionally within 1 week of the start/end of Term
  • Extensions are not permitted
  • Late Submission is not permitted

Online Tests


  • Tests and quizzes completed online
  • Window for completion with an in-built timer for the duration of the exam which starts when the student begins the test
  • Duration as appropriate to the assessment.
  • Includes MCQ Tests and Quizzes
  • To be held during Term Time or very exceptionally within 1 week of the start/end of Term
  • Extensions are not permitted
  • Late Submission is not permitted

Practical, Oral & Performance Exams and Individual & Group Presentations


  • Practical examinations as appropriate to the discipline
  • To be held during Term Time
  • Extensions are not usually permitted
  • Late Submission is usually not permitted



  • Any form of written assessment including essays, reports, dissertations and short assignments including video essays
  • Deadlines to be set during Term Time or very exceptionally within 1 week of the start/end of Term
  • Extensions can be permitted in line with the College Extension Policy – Please see Part 4 for details
  • Late submission penalties apply as outlined in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Regulations.

The College Examinations & Assessment Timetable

The main College Assessment period in 2020/21 will take place during the Summer Term; Monday 26 April to Friday 11 June.  The majority of Invigilated, Online and Open Book Exams will be held in this period.

Timetables for the written examinations in this period will be published to students on Tuesday 23 March.  Students will be e-mailed on the day the timetable is released with further information on how this is accessed. 

Modules assessed by assessment types other than written exams and those examined outside the College Examination and Assessment period, will not be listed on the timetable but information about these will be available from your School.   We plan to hold practical assessments face-to-face, if we are able to.  Arrangements will be confirmed by Schools closer to the time, depending on the health and safety regulations in operation.

Our Examination Timetabling Policy includes important information about the main College Examination and Assessment period and the process for timetabling examinations.  As the policy explains; the College appreciates the importance of exams and will do whatever it reasonably can to ensure that the exam schedule is as fair as possible.  However, having multiple exams in a short space of time is not regarded as being detrimental to performance in exams and it’s just as important that you have a realistic expectation of what demands your exam timetable may place on you so that you are able to plan for this in advance in your studies and revision time.

Assessment Adjustments including Exam Access Arrangements

The Disability & Dyslexia Services team are available to support all disabled students who have registered their disability, including adjustments to assessments. A number of different adjustments can be made for invigilated exams and these are known as ‘Exam Access Arrangements’.  Arrangements are also available for other types of assessment, including marking guideline adjustments for students with a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia & dyspraxia) and additional time to respond to oral questions, for example, when delivering a presentation.

The Disability & Dyslexia Service should be contacted regarding any adjustments.  They can assess the requirement and determine whether requested adjustments can be put in place.  Email fo further advice.

Exam Access Arrangements

There are three main groups of students who might need alternative examination arrangements: 

Students with a medically diagnosed disability/condition

Students who have a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010 and are registered with Disability and Dyslexia Services will only need to apply once to be considered for and allocated Exam Access Arrangements appropriate for their disability or condition. These Exam Access Arrangements will then be carried over from one year to the other for the duration of their study at the College, unless there is a change in their impairment.

Students with a specific learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties who have registered with the Disability & Dyslexia Services will automatically be allocated Exam Access Arrangements in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teachers report. These Exam Access Arrangements will be put in place for the duration of their study at the College, unless there is a change in their circumstances.

Students with a temporary condition or illness

Students who are not registered with Disability & Dyslexia Services but have a short or medium-term condition may apply for Exam Access Arrangements for a single assessment period. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible so that arrangements can be put in place in good time and where at all possible by Friday 29 January 2021.  We cannot guarantee Exam Access Arrangements where applications are made after this date.


Important dates


Autumn Term Module Registration Deadline

Friday 16 October 2020

Spring and Summer Terms Module Registration Deadline

Friday 22 January 2021      

Exam Access Arrangement Application Deadline

Friday 29 January 2021

Summer Term Assessment Timetable Published

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Summer Term Assessment Session

Monday 26 April – Friday 11 June 2021

Support & Advice

Advice and support is available from a variety of sources in the College.

If you have further questions about your assessments please contact your School.

For further information on our support services please see our Help & Support webpages.

The Advice and Support Centre in the Student's Union can also provide you with a free and independent for all students.