Deferral of Assessment

Instructions for students wishing to defer assessment of a Postgraduate Module due to Extenuating Circumstances

Postgraduate Taught students may apply for permission to defer any part of the assessment for a module or modules on grounds of illness or other acceptable causes (Extenuating Circumstances) if they are unable to submit the assessment by the submission deadline (for part-time students, work commitments may be considered as an appropriate reason for deferral). If approved, such a candidate will not be regarded as having made an attempt at the module assessment on that occasion and will be expected to complete the assessment in either the summer vacation assessment period (if the assessment is available) or in the next Academic Year.

Deferral of assessment applications are made via the Extenuating Circumstances application process. Full details are available here.

The following FAQs may help you when considering making an application to defer assessment.



In the first instance you should discuss your options for deferral with your Personal Tutor.

Queries about completing your application can be sent to

How do I apply for a Deferral of Assessment?

You need to complete the PGT Extenuating Circumstances Form - You will need to remember to indicate, when asked, that you are applying for a deferral.  You will need to be able to show that particular circumstances have prevented you from undertaking the assessment in the current academic year. Suitable evidence will need to be provided. - Full details about how to apply for Extenuating Circumstances and the evidence required is available on the Extenuating Circumstances pages

When can I defer assessment to?

Assessment will usually be deferred to the next available opportunity to take the assessment.  This may be the Summer Vacation Assessment Period (SVAP) or the next academic year.  You should discuss with your Course Tutor when you will be able to take the assessments.

How long can I defer for?

You can defer assessment for one academic year.

How will my application be processed?

Your application will need to be assessed by both the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) Committee and your School/Department Assessment Boards.  The EC Committee meets regularly from March - October each year, so applications for deferment made in Term 1 may not be agreed until later in the year. The Assessment Boards for Postgraduate Taught Courses meet in both July and October and your application will be gain final approval at one of these. 

When will i hear if my application has been successful?

You will be notified by letter to your College email account on the day of either interim (July) or final (November) Postgraduate Taught results release, depending when your application was made.

I'm an Undergraduate Student - can I apply for a Deferral of Assessment?

 Deferral of assessment is not available to Undergraduate students only students on Postgraduate Taught courses. If you are an Undergraduate student who has experience Extenuating Circumstances please refer to the information available on the Extenuating Circumstances pages.