Where unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control have delayed or prevented you from completing/taking an assessment (and an Extension is not available or appropriate) you can apply for Extenuating Circumstances (ECs)  to be taken into account when your results are reviewed and approved. 

It is important to understand that you will not receive an immediate outcome to your application.  You will be notified of any mitigation applied when your results are released


Please read the following instructions before making your application

  1. Before you start completing the form make sure you have all the information you will need: 
    • Module Code
    • Module Name
    • Assessment Name
    • Assessment Date
    • A statement outlining your circumstances and how they have affected your ability to complete your assessment
    • Any evidence you have to support your application
  2. Are you applying for circumstances relating to Covid-19? Please make sure you have read the information below (Information about applications relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic) 
  3. There is not an option to save your form as you go so you need to complete it all at one time.
  4. Complete the correct form – Undergraduate or PostGraduate Taught
  5. Make sure you submit before the relevant deadline (see below)
  6. Provide sufficient information when requested
  7. Upload your supporting statement and any other evidence you have when requested.
  8. Submit your form when complete







Undergraduate Assessment

UG September-starting degree courses (and full year Visiting Students taking UG modules):

Midday Tuesday 15 June 2021

January-starting UG degree courses are 

Midday Monday 26 July 2021

Kaplan (Singapore) students:

Term 352008 - TBC

Term 352011 - TBC

Term 352102 - TBC

UG Summer Vacation Assessment Period 

Midday Monday 13 September 2021

PGT Taught Programme Assessment:

Taught modules completed in Terms 1, 2 and 3 for students on September-starting degree courses: 

Midday Tuesday 15 June 2021

Summer vacation taught, dissertation and project modules plus Summer Vacation Assessment Period assessments for PGT Social Work students:

16:00 Thursday 2 September 2021

Summer vacation taught, dissertation and project modules plus Summer Vacation Assessment Period assessments for all other PGT students:

Midday Monday 27 September 2021

January-starting PGT degree courses: 

Midday Monday 10 January 2022



  • You will receive a confirmation email and an application reference (beginning FRMXXXX).  Please keep this and use the reference in any further correspondence. 
  • Your application will be considered by the Extenuating Circumstances Committee who will determine:

a)Do your circumstances meet the criteria for consideration and

b) what actions can be taken in light of the circumstances you are experiencing.

  • The Extenuating Circumstances Committee meets regularly from March through to October (and at ad-hoc dates for Non Standard Programmes). 
  • if your application  meets the criteria for acceptance and is suitably evidenced, will be put forward to your Department Assessment Board which meet at the end of each year/stage of your programme where suitable actions, if appropriate,  will be agreed. 
  • You will be notified regarding the outcome of your application on the day your progression decision/results are released. 



You do not need to submit Extenuating Circumstances for the general impact of Covid on teaching and assessment.  This is understood and is being taken into account through the measures the College is taking and as outlined in the 2020/21 Fairness and Assurance Policy.

You do not need to submit Extenuating Circumstances where a particular assessment or module was impacted by Covid and all students were affected.  For example practical lectures needing to be cancelled due to the national lockdown.  The Department will take this into account in processing final marks and outcomes and through the Module Review and Scaling approach in the 20/21 Fairness and Assurance Policy.

It’s important to note: there are a limited number of actions that the College can take in response to accepted Extenuating Circumstances.  We cannot increase module marks, a year or degree average or Classification.  An important action is to offer students who have failed, or performed badly, in one or more assessments a ‘First Sit’ (UG) or ‘Uncapped Resit’ (PGT) so they have another opportunity to complete the assessment and perform to the best of their abilities.  The Resit Opportunity approach in the 2020/21 Fairness and Assurance Policy means that this allowance will be considered for all students in 20/21 without Extenuating Circumstances having to be submitted.

The standard Extenuating Circumstances Policy will continue to apply although several exceptions have been agreed as a result of the current circumstances (see FAQ below). 




What changes have been made due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  • IT issues will be considered as grounds for extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. This amendment has been agreed for the full 2020/21 academic year. Examples of IT issues that may be considered are failure of hardware, loss of connectivity at submission or inability to access necessary materials online.  
  • Requirements for evidence for extensions and extenuating circumstances have been relaxed for the full 2020/21 academic year. If you have already received evidence, for example the hospital have sent an appointment letter or you have a previous letter confirming a long-term medical condition, then you should submit this, however, if you do not have evidence, you do not need to actively seek this from the NHS. Instead you should provide a statement explaining your situation and include the fact that you cannot obtain evidence within this, and this will be taken into account when assessing the extension or extenuating circumstances request.

When should I make my Extenuating Circumstances application?

It is important that you complete your form as soon as you are aware that your circumstances may affect some of your assessments.  You may apply again if your circumstances continue and affect later assessments.  Leaving your application to the last minute close to the final deadline may limit the available options the Committee and your School Assessment Boards can put in place to take into consideration your circumstances.  Applications cannot be accepted after the relevant deadline (listed above)

How do I apply for a Deferral of Assessment (PGT only)?

For students on a Postgraduate Taught programme who have experienced  Extenuating Circumstances that have prevented you from completing a module/assessment you may ask to defer that module to the next available opportunity.  Full details about when and how to apply are available here

What evidence do I need to provide?

You will need to provide a supplementary statement to accompany your application.(in a word or pdf format)  Your statement should include details of the circumstances and how they affected your ability to complete or submit your assessment. Remember, the Committee don't know you,  so provide as much information as you can so they have all the facts they need to make a fair assessment.

You must also provide independent evidence to support your application  This can take many forms and guidance on suitable evidence  is available  in the Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for Students.

The application form will prompt you when to upload your statement and evidence.

Please note that we are unable to read HEIC format files - please convert these to JPEG or similar before uploading

What actions can be taken in response to my application?

It’s important to note: there are a limited number of actions that the College can take in response to accepted ECs.   Outcomes might include the lifting of a late submission penalty or the opportunity to take the assessment again at the next available opportunity (this may be the next academic year). We cannot increase module marks, a year or degree average or Classification.

When will I receive the outcome of my application?

You will be informed of the outcome of your application on the same day that you received your progression decision/results. This may be some time after you have submitted your application.  As long as you have received a confirmation email when submitting your form you do not follow up on you application.  Please only contact the team about your application if you have not received a confirmation email or you have further evidence to submit, think you may have made a mistake in your application or wish to withdraw your application. 

Outcome letters are sent by email to your College email account (or for students on non standard partner programmes to the email provided in your application)



To contact the Extenuating Circumstances team: