Applying for an extension


Policy on applications for extensions for taught programmes of study

The policy on applications for extensions has been updated for 201920, click here to take a look at the latest information.

Throughout your studies, you are expected to submit all assessments by the deadlines given to you. However, we know that on occasion you may have unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances that make it impossible to meet these deadlines.

If you are struggling to meet your deadlines across your programme, please speak to your personal tutor or your school office for advice on the support available to you.


How do I request an extension to my deadline?

If you are a Postgraduate Research student, please contact the Doctoral School for further advice.

As an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught student, please request your extension using the steps below:

  1. Read the policy on applications for extensions
  2. Read your departmental handbook to check whether youcan request an extension for the assessment
  3. Log in to Campus Connect and select ‘Extensions’ under the ‘My studies’ tab, click on Extensions.
  4. Complete the extensions application and ensure you submit supporting documents with the application, as appropriate.

Please note: if an extension is approved and a new submission date is given, this may affect when you receive your feedback.


When should I request the extension?

Your extension application will be accepted up and until the assessment deadline, but not earlier than 10 working days before.

If you submit your extension request less than 24 hours before your assessment deadline, the College is unable to guarantee that you're application will be processed before the deadline.


How long can I request an extension for?

You have the option to apply for either a 5 working day (self certified) extension, or for a 10 working day (evidence-based) extension, depending on your circumstances. 


What type of evidence should I submit to support my application?

Extension applications for the 5 working days are self-certified, this means you don't need to provide supporting evidence if this is not available.

For a10 working day extention application you must ensure your request is supported by the appropriate evidence and will only be granted where there are clear personal or medical circumstances, which prevent you from meeting the original submission deadline.

For both the 5 working day and 10 working day applications, please see Appendix B: Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances of the Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for students document, which provides examples of circumstances which would, or would not usually be considered for an extension. 


Important documents and links

Read the policy on applications for extensions

Read Appendix B: Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances in the Extenuating Circumstances - Guidance for students for circumstances and evidence we will, or will not, accept for an extension.

Log in to Campus Connect

Contact your school office or Student Administration if you have any queries.


Frequently asked questions

Take a look at our FAQs on requesting an extension to your assessment deadline