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Ticket Availability

Ceremony dateCeremony time Ticket Availability
Monday 15 July 13:30 Available
Monday 15 July 16:30 Available
Tuesday 16 July 10:30 Available
Tuesday 16 July 13:30 Limited availability
Tuesday 16 July 16:30 Available 
Wednesday 17 July 10:30 Available
Wednesday 17 July 13:30 Limited availability
Wednesday 17 July 16:30 Available
Thursday 18 July 10:30 Available
Thursday 18 July 13:30 Available
Thursday 18 July 16:30 Limited availability
Friday 19 July 10:30 Very limited availability
Friday 19 July 13:30 Available

Booking and Ticketing timeline

Action Date 
Book your place, gown, and two complimentary guest tickets   


Additional purchase ticket online sale phase

You will recieve a direct email when booking goes live to the email you registered with on the E&R booking site.

*If any additional tickets remain available for your ceremony after the booking site has closed we will email you to let you know.*

Opening week commencing 3 June

Closing 12pm (BMT) on Monday 24 June 

Ede and Ravenscroft will send your E tickets directly to the email address you registered with at the time of booking. 

by Friday 12 July.

Any remaining tickets are sold from the Queries Desk

These are made available 2 hours before your ceremony. 
Graduation Ceremony 15-19 July 

How to book extra purchase tickets

  1. Log in to your account on the Ede and Ravenscroft website using the account you created when you booked your gown and initial tickets.
  2. Edit/ amend your order
  3. Click more items at the top of your screen
  4. Under guest tickets (on your account). There will be an option to book an additional Purchased Ticket.
  5. Select your aditional ticket and proceed to check out (the system will ask you complete the survey questoins again).
  6. Previous items will appear on your screen– please do not remove these – you will only pay the balance due, not the full order again.
  7. Review your shopping basket (clicking the bag icon in top right) then press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Please ensure you checkout to finalise your order.
  8. If you get stuck use our helpful step-by-step guide or contact Ede and Ravenscroft directly for further support.

Registering your place, hiring your gown, and booking guest tickets

The Ede and Ravenscroft website will host all registration activity. On this site, graduands will need to confirm their attendance, book up to two free guest tickets, and make their gown booking.

The link to complete your registration is now live

When graduands book their place, they will need to answer a few important questions, such as whether they are bringing any children under five, whether the graduand or any of their guests have access requirements, and the phonetic spelling of their name. More information on this is below.


Every effort will be made to accommodate the attendance of students who miss the booking deadline, however this cannot be gaurenteed. Please see our Graduation Policy here for all policies regarding Graduation.

Guest tickets will not have assigned seats this year. Please note that all tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Make sure you know how to write your name phonetically - Providing name pronunciation when booking

When you book your place at Graduation, you will be asked to provide your name's written pronunciation, otherwise known as the phonetic spelling.

You must take care with this spelling, as this is how the orator will read your name at the ceremony. 

Spelling your name phonetically means writing down how the name sounds. For some names, this may seem obvious, but please provide the phonetic spelling regardless, as your orator may not find it as easy.

For example:

  • the name Rajan Sandhu would be phonetically spelled rah-juhn sand-hoo
  • the name Aoife Lynch would be phonetically spelled ee-fuh lin-sh 
  • the name Lucy Matthews would be phonetically spelled loo-see maff-yews

Seating in the venue

Seating in the venue will be first come, first served on arrival to the venue. You can arrive at the venue to queue before the ceremony start time timings to be confirmed in June. Ushers will be at the venue to support guests and graduands to take their seats. Guests and graduands who inform us when booking that they have access requirements will be contacted directly by the team to arrange for suitable seating to be provided.

Graduands will have an allocated seat, these will be assigned to you on the day. Please note all graduands will be sat at the side of the room to ensure that guests can see the graduands when they are presented.

Extra purchase tickets

The booking site will reopen for additional tickets in the week commencing 3 June. All graduands who have booked to attend will receive an email once the booking site is live. Students will be emailed using the email address they have registered with at the time of booking on the Ede and Ravenscroft website. 

Student will be emailed using the email they used on the Ede and Ravenscroft website at the time of booking.  

Additional ticket costs will be £20 when purchased online in advance.

They will be available on a first come first served basis, graduands will be able to purchase up to two number of additional guest tickets.

Please note that the availability of additional tickets is not guaranteed by the university and will depend on whether any tickets are remaining after the initial booking period.

Any remaining tickets will be sold on the day, subject to availability.

Ticket availability on the day

On the day, there may be a limited number of tickets that can be purchased in person at the Queries Desk.

Tickets will be sold at a price of £20 each.

All tickets for purchase on the day are subject to availability based on capacity remaining in the venue.

Livestreaming and additional guests

If you have additional guests, you are more than welcome to bring them onto campus to enjoy the day with you and participate in the professional photos. Please note that they will not be able to enter the ticketed spaces, which includes the ceremony venue.     

Throughout graduation, our Café on the Square and Crossland’s restaurant will be open serving food and drinks. There will also be additional food and drinks vendors around the ceremony venue.

We will also be livestreaming the ceremonies, which can be watched using any personal device. A livestreaming space will also be available on campus.

Having trouble booking your tickets?

Cancellations and refunds

More information on the cancellation and refund policy can be found on the Graduation Policy.

Children, accessibility arrangements, and animals


As part of the registration and booking process we'll ask you to confirm whether you will be bringing a child under the age of five to your ceremony. Unfortunately, pushchairs and buggies are not permitted in the venues. A cloak room is available and free of charge in the Windsor Building. 

Graduation ceremonies are formal in nature, and young children may become restless or unsettled during the ceremony. To avoid any disruption to the ceremony, we encourage guests with very young children to sit near the exit or the end of a row so they can easily leave the venue if they need to do so.

Children under five years of age do not require a guest ticket but must be seated on an adult's lap in the venue.

Children aged five years and over will need to have their own guest ticket. There are no child concessions for the purchase of additional guest tickets.

Children cannot be left unattended during the ceremonies.

Accessibility arrangements

As part of the registration and booking process you will be asked to confirm whether you, or any of your guests have additional access needs. You will be contacted before graduation to discuss these needs.

Disabled parking is provided on campus, and a permit will be available closer to July 2024.


With the exception of Assistance Dogs (Hearing Dogs, Canine Partners, Support Dogs, Guide Dogs, Dog AID, Dogs for Good, Buddy Dogs, and Medical Detection Dogs), pets and other animals are not permitted in the graduation venues.  

We strongly encourage that you do not bring other animals onto campus, as a guest will need to be present with them outside at all times.

Keeping your contact details up to date

It is particularly important that you update your mobile number and personal email address on Campus Connect so we can keep you updated on all important developments.


Please note, as per the Graduation Policy, it is the responsibility of all students/graduates to provide accurate and current personal information. The university will not be responsible for the failure of a student to receive information and updates regarding graduation where a student does not check their emails, has not provided accurate and current contact details, or where the communication has been filed in the ‘Junk Folder’ by the student’s email provider.


How and when will you receive your tickets

You will receive your e-tickets via email, in July 2024.