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Academic Timetabling FAQs

How do I access my timetable?

You can access your timetable here.

Click on the link to your timetable and this will take you to the Login page. Enter your Royal Holloway username (format AAAA111) and password to view your page.

I can’t log in to the timetabling web page

Check that you have entered the correct Royal Holloway User ID and password.  If you still cannot log in, there may be a problem with your username. You should ask IT for help.

I have logged in successfully but I can’t view my timetable

You must allow pop-ups on your computer in order to view the online timetable. The default on most College PCs is to block pop-ups so look out for the message asking if you are prepared to allow them. If, after allowing pop-ups, you still cannot view your timetable, you should ask IT for help.

I use a Mac. I have logged into the timetabling page but I can’t view my timetable

If you are using the web browser Chrome with a Mac, please be aware that the message/symbol to encourage you to allow pop-ups may not be visible in its normal location in the top right hand corner of the screen. To view your timetable pop-ups need to be allowed and you should do this for each specific webpage. If, after allowing pop-ups, you still cannot view your timetable, you should ask IT for help.

How do I download my timetable to my smart phone?

Click on the My Timetable link.  Against the selection “View Timetable As”, select the Calendar Download button then click on View Timetable. You will be taken to the downloading instructions, which differ slightly depending on your choice of smart phone calendar. The calendars supported are Outlook 365, Google Calendar and iPhone. Check out our download guide here.

I can’t download my timetable to my smart phone

The calendars supported are Office 365, Google Calendar and iPhone/iPad. If you cannot download to one of these calendars, you should ask IT for help.  

My timetable is incomplete

Have you made all your module and seminar group choices for this term?  Your timetable will only show these once your choices have been registered by your school. If your timetable is not showing everything you expected to see, you should talk to your school administration.

My timetable is showing modules that I am not taking

Perhaps you have been registered on the wrong modules. You should talk to your school administration.

I have a clash in my timetable

You should talk to your school administration.  There may be different reasons for this and different solutions to the problem that only your school can help you resolve.

I want to change seminar groups

You should talk to your school administration to establish whether this is possible.  If they agree, they will change your group. Your timetable will reflect this change within 24 hours.

I’ve forgotten my phone. What classes do I have today?

You can access your personal timetable here or ask the Student Services Centre or your school administration to bring it up for you.

What happens if my timetable changes?

All changes will be reflected in your personal timetable, within a few minutes of the change taking place. Your calendar timetable will show the change the next time it refreshes. If the timetable change is for an activity within two working days, you should also receive an email to your Royal Holloway address informing you of the change.

Where is Building X?

See the Campus Map.

What does this room code mean?

The standard naming format for all rooms is Building name, then floor, then room number as it appears outside the room. See the key to all teaching room codes on the second page of our campus map.