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Assistive software

Software that can help you with your studies if you have a disability

There's a range of software available that can help you with your studies if you have a disability. We've listed some that we often recommend to students below.



  • My Study Bar - A free toolbar of assistive software.
  • FX Software (donation-ware) - A host of dyslexia tweaking software.
  • Balabolka - A text to speech programme which works with any voices installed on your system.
  • Camstudio - Open source software program for Windows which records all screen and aduio activity on your computer and can be converted to video format.
  • Natural Speaker - Text to speech software.
  • Screen Readers - Free screen readers.


  • Mac OS X has fantastic built in dictation support; download the enhanced dictation for best results.
  • OpenWeb (free) - Web browser using the OpenDyslexic font.
  • Fleksky (free) - Assisted touch typing on the iPad screen.
  • Notability (£4.49) - Take notes while linking them to your lecture audio recordings
  • Conversor Pro Recorder (£15.99) - Turns a touchscreen device into a effective voice recorder. Can use Conversor Mic and adapter cable that may have been provided by DSA .
  • StudyBlue (free) - Flashcard generator, plus the ability to use other user generated content from all around the world.  In-app purchases and subscriptions. .
  • Claro suite (free - £4.99) - Version of the DSA awarded reading and pdf annotating software for students with dyslexia or visual impairment; full PC version retails at £200.


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