The University and cyber safety


Scammers often target large organisations, and our university - like any other - can be exposed to scamming attempts. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to outline the ways you won’t receive communications from us, and where you can find the real information you need.

Royal Holloway will never…

  • Ask for payment or bank details via phone call. In some rare cases, we will ask for bank details via email
  • Communicate with you in a pressurised way
  • Give an urgent deadline for providing your details, especially on first contact
  • Ask for your password, or more personal details than the University holds already
  • Contact you from an address that is not or

Where to find the support you need

Our intranet pages contain trusted details for getting in contact with support services. Some of the key ones you might need to know are:

These pages list how you can get in touch with the various services.

If you have a query, need help, or aren't sure about anything, you can always contact our service desk on and our Cyber team will be able to support you.

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