How do I register for CampusNet?


CampusNet is Royal Holloway’s residential and campus-wide network. It is available via wired or wireless connection.

We introduced a new way of registering onto CampusNet for 2019/20. This means if you are a returning student, the way you sign in is going to look a little bit different, but it should be much faster and more efficient. 

CampusNet supports a wide variety of network-capable items, and most common devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are automatically supported by CampusNet. When you use your device for the first time on campus and select CampusNet as your network, a registration page should automatically appear.

If it doesn’t, open your web browser and visit This should redirect you to our registration page.

There are two options: Students and staff, and External users. Select Students and staff and enter your username and password.

Once you have successfully entered these details you will be registered to our network. You will not need to enter these details each time you want to use the network, just the first time. If you are away from campus for more than a few weeks, like over the Christmas or Summer breaks, you will need to complete the registration process again.

We also allow various internet-enabled devices including printers, games consoles and other smart devices. If your device uses Wi-Fi, but doesn’t have an in-built browser or display (for example, printers or Amazon’s Alexa) you can register it yourself at If you are connecting a device to the wired network to the wired network in your room, it will require manual registration. There is more information about how to register your device on the CampusNet section of the intranet.



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