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RH100 2019/20


Panel 1: Student Wellbeing Strategy (03/12/2019)

On Tuesday 3 December, RH100 panellists discussed the future of the Student Wellbeing Strategy. The topic was introduced by Students’ Union President Jack O’Neill and group discussions were facilitated by a number of staff, including members of the Student Wellbeing and Advisory team and VP Welfare and Diversity Lucy Simpson.

Panellists centred their discussion around four central themes: Learning, Living, Community and Support. In groups, students discussed actions related to their allocated theme, prioritised the actions of another group and presented their finalised ideas back to the panel.

You can read the report from the panel discussion by clicking here.


Panel 2: Careers & Employability & Active Campus (28/01/2020)

Two topics were discussed at the second RH100 panel of the year. In the first hour, panellists suggested a number of improvements to the existing Careers & Employability service at Royal Holloway, including the features that make up the service, what the service should be called, and the methods of communicating the serivce's offerings to students.

The second hour involved a discussion centred on the proposed revelopment of the sporting facilities on campus. A highly interactive group activity saw panellists evaluate the order in which the five main users of the sporting facilities (including students, staff and community users) should be prioritised.

The information and input gathered in both panel discussions will have a direct impact upon the strategic decision making as both projects are developed over the coming months.

You can read the report from the panel discussion by clicking here.


Panel 3: College Strategy (18/02/2020)

The final panel of the year centred on the development of a new College Strategy. At the beginning of the session, RH100 panellists were briefed by Senior Vice Principal Professor Ken Badcock on the development of the Green Paper. This is a consultation document that includes six elements reflecting Council discussions related to the development of the new College Strategy.

Students focused on three of these areas: Environmental Sustainability, Student Needs, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Group discussions were facilitated by staff members and the Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers. Panellists answered a series of proposed questions related to their assigned area and presented their responses back to the remainder of the panel.

You can read the report from the panel discussion by clicking here.

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