Formal warnings


Royal Holloway expects you to fully engage with your academic studies. The academic formal warning procedure ensures that concerns about your performance or engagement are raised in enough time for you to take appropriate action to improve.

The academic formal warning procedure can be found in the College's Academic Regulations.

The following guidelines should provide you with a clear understanding of the formal warning procedure in relation to your programme of study and its significance. 

What is an academic formal warning?

An academic formal warning is  a process which could lead to the discontinution of your registration at the College. After an inital meeting with your department/ School, if required, it may provide further opportunity for your School/ Student Administration to raise any concerns they have about your attendance of classes, submission of work, standard of work or academic results, and for you to raise any concerns of your own in relation to your studies. Any formal warning you receive is normally permanent and will remain active on your student record until the end of your degree programme and as a permanent part of your student record even after completion of your studies

What is a non-academic formal warning?

Non-academic formal warnings are issued through a different procedure. These can relate to unpaid fees or disciplinary issues and, like academic formal warnings, could lead to your registration at the College being discontinued. To find out more about this procedure, please read the Student Conduct Regulations or contact Student Wellbeing by email or telephone (+44 (0)1784 443394 or 443955) for more information or advice.

Academic and non-academic formal warnings are completely separate processes. 

This means that:

  • one process does not affect the other
  • you can receive up to two formal warning letters from each process
  • your registration with the College can be discontinued through either process

Formal warnings



Undergraduate Regulations
Postgraduate Taught Regulations
Research Degree Regulations

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