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Interim Transcripts

Are you still studying and need a copy of your results for your current programme? You can download copy of your Interim Transcript through Campus Connect. 

What is an Interim Transcript of Results?

An Interim Transcript of Results is a formal statement of your academic achievements for your current programme. The document includes the College logo, stamp and confirms:

  • Your course registrations for the current academic year
  • The overall percentage mark achieved in each module for any academic years you’ve already completed as part of your programme.
  • The start and expected end date for your programme

How to download your Interim Transcript

If you’re a current student, and would like a formal copy of your results achieved so far, you can download your Interim Transcript from the ‘Study’ tab of your Campus Connect account. It’s that simple!

To view and print this document:

  1. Log on to Campus Connect
  2. Hover over the ‘My Studies’ tab
  3. Click on ‘Interim transcript’
  4. Click ‘download’
  5. If you need to print the document, make sure you use a colour printer.


Frequently asked questions


Why can't I download the document?

To download the document, you must be fully enrolled for this academic year. This includes payment of tuition fees and completing online sign-up. If you're a new student, you'll also need to complete an identity check. Please visit our enrolment pages to find out more.


The service is currently unavailable, what does this mean?

At some points throughout the year, you’ll see a message to say the ‘service is currently unavailable’. During this time, you’ll temporarily be unable to download the document. This is usually because results for the current academic year are being finalised, and if you’re a continuing student (returning in the next academic year) you’ll be able to access this again once you’ve received your marks for the current year.

Take a look at our documents guide to find out which documents are available to you, depending on the time of year and which year of your studies you’re in.


Why am I not eligible to view the Interim Transcript?

Some students aren’t eligible to view the Interim Transcript. This may be applicable if you don’t have any course registrations for your programme (e.g. taught modules). This includes those on Postgraduate Research programmes, CAPITAL and inSTIL, some Social Work programmes, some Information Security programmes and Kaplan.

If you're currently in a period of interruption from your studies, you won't have access to this document until you've returned from your interruption.

If you think you should be able to download the document but can’t see this on Campus Connect, please contact the Student Services Centre.

If you’re a final year student and you’ve received confirmation of your final results, you’ll no longer be able to download this document and instead will need to place an order for your transcript through our Online Store. Take a look at our documents guide to find out what documents are currently available to you.


Can I get an Interim Transcript for my previous programme of study?

The Interim Transcript is only available for your current programme of study. If you've studied a previous programme at Royal Holloway and require a transcript for this course, please visit our Proof of Award and results page.

How do I get an Interim Transcript?

Simply log on to Campus Connect to download your Interim Transcript of Results