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The Careers & Employability Service offers careers guidance, no matter where you are on your career journey, starting from ‘I haven’t decided what I want to do yet’ (Evaluate) and ‘I have some ideas what I want to do’ (Explore) through to ‘I know what I want to do’ (Enact).

Whether you’re at the ‘Evaluate’, ‘Explore’ or 'Enact’ stage of your career journey, sector-themed events / weeks give you the chance to learn more about working in a particular career sector e.g. business, finance, law or charity.  Remember, for the majority of these sectors you aren't required to be following a specific degree, as they all have a wide range of roles that require different skill sets.  

Our events include beginner's guide sessions, workshops, employer-led sessions and the chance to meet Royal Holloway alumni and discover what they've been up to since graduation. These are the ideal opportunity for you to evaluate the skills that are valued by employers and assess what type of company you'd like to work in after graduation.

Check out our useful employer and alumni events Help Sheet for tips on how to make the most of these activities.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply want a chat about your career journey, why not book a one-to-one appointment with a Careers Consultant online or at the Careers & Employability Service in the Davison building?

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Upcoming careers weeks and events



Spring Equality and Diversity Fair

Thursday 14 March

Student Success Evening

Thursday 14 March
Previous events and sector-focused weeks
Autumn term Part-time Jobs FairOctober

Find out more on our page: Careers in Teaching

Beginner's Guide to a Career in Teaching

Teaching Fair

Meet the Primary School Teacher

How to Write a Killer Teacher Training Application

Teach First Presentation 







Find out more on our page: Careers in Finance & Consultancy Week

Beginner's Guide to Finance and Consultancy 

Banking and Beyond

CVS and Applications for Finance and Consultancy

Careers in Consultancy

Employer Skills Workshop: ICAEW

Employer in Residence: ICAEW & Kingston Smith

More ideas for Financial Careers


Find out more on our page: Careers Fair

You can still catch up on our videos and explore the employers who attended the fair and apply for their internships, placements and graduate jobs and schemes opportunities!


Find out more on our page: Careers in Government, Politics and Charities

Beginner's Guide to Careers in Government & Politics

Government & Politics Alumni Panel & Networking

Careers in Social Work: Employer in Residence

Beginner's Guide to Careers in Charities

Civil Service Assessment Centre Information Evening

Employer in Residence: Charityworks & VITAL for Children

Charities Alumni Panel & Networking 


Find out more on our page: Environment Careers

Employers in Residence: BP, Halliburton and Bay Consulting 

Environmental Careers Workshop

Employer in Residence: Thames Water

Employer in Residence: Environment Agency


Find out more on our page: Graduate Careers in the NHS Day

Graduate Careers in the NHS Information Session

Talk to a Physician Associate

Networking Evening: NHS Graduate Training Schemes


Find out more on our page: Careers in Law

Beginner's Guide to Law

Step into Law:Part One

Journey to the Bar: Applying to the Inns of Court

Routes into Law for non-Law students - the Graduate Diploma in Law

Law Fair and Networking Evening

How to secure a Vacation Scheme or Training Contract: with Aspiring Solicitors


Find out more on our page: Technology Careers

Employer in Residence: Sparta Global

The Cyber Cube

The Cyber Cube

Beginner's Guide to Technology

Employer in Residence: Harnham Recruitment

Employer in Residence: IBM


Find out more on our page: Careers in live events and performing arts

Careers in live events and performing arts alumni panel

Freelancing in the creative and performance industries workshop

Freelancing in the Performance Industry alumni panel


Spring term Part-time Jobs Fair


Find out more on our page: Multi-language Careers

Multi-language Careers Workshop

Multi-language Employers in Residence 


Find out more on our page: Careers in Museums, Galleries and Heritage

Curator Skills workshop

Archive Drop-in Session

Careers in Museums, Galleries and Heritage Alumni Panel


Find out more on our page: Marketing and PR Week 

Beginner's Guide to Marketing and PR

Marketing Careers in the Digital Age: Alumni Panel & Networking

PR & Media Relations: Alumni Panel & Networking

CVs and Applications for Careers in Marketing and PR


LinkedIn Day (Spring term)

Upgrade your profile with our LinkedIn tips.


Find out more on our page: Creative and Media Week

Beginner's Guide to Media Careers

Careers in Media: Alumni Panel

Freelancing in the Creative Industries

Careers in Writing Alumni Panel

Careers in VR and Gaming Alumni Panel




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