Student completing enrolment during Welcome Week

Download a Student Status Certificate

Prove that you're a student at Royal Holloway with a Student Status Certificate

If you need to prove that you are currently a student at Royal Holloway, all you need to do is download your Student Status Certificate from the ‘Enrolment’ tab of your Campus Connect account. It’s that simple!

How to download your Student Status Certificate

To view and print your Student Status Certificate:

  1. Log on to Campus Connect
  2. Click on the ‘Enrolment’ tab
  3. Click ‘download’ in the Student Status Certificate section
  4. If you need to print your Certificate, make sure you use a colour printer.

This certificate is commonly used to:

I can't download a certificate!

The Student Status Certificate confirms your enrolment at the College. That means that if you haven’t yet completed your enrolment, or if you've finished your studies, you won’t be able to download one because you're not enrolled. Take a look at our documents guide for more information on when your Student Status Certificate is available.

If you’ve completed all stages of your enrolment but you're still unable to download the certificate from Campus Connect, please contact the Student Services Centre.

Top tip

If you're having trouble downloading the certificate, try using a different browser.