Santander Black Inclusion Programme

Get to know the students taking part in the Santander Black Inclusion Programme

Santander Universities, alongside Finance Unlocked, have joined forces to support under-represented groups in the workforce. The Santander Black Inclusion Programme is a new and exciting learning experience for Black and Black Mixed undergraduate students in the UK. 3,000 scholarships were offered across the UK, whereby students will have the opportunity to complete an eight-hour online course provided by Finance Unlocked.

Learn more about our students who are taking part in the Santander Black Inclusion Programme below. 

 Abigail Agyemang circle v1


The best thing about the course was learning about different financial aspects that I had not known before such as private equity, Banking essentials, Governance and FinTech. The videos were of such high quality and delivered by financial experts.

 The most challenging aspect was listening and recalling all of the details from various videos in order to answer the quiz questions correctly. 

Whilst the course has not changed my thoughts on my future career plans, it has made me aware of just how much psychology and behavioural sciences has a role in all areas of society, even in the financial world. 

I would recommend other students do the course especially if they want a career in finance or any related sector because the videos were of an exceptional quality, clear and easy to understand and were presented by real business experts and corporate professionals.

 I am really glad I was among the select few to have access to such high quality educational material - it was something different but also useful to expand my knowledge base!


Ayomikun Oluwayemi cirlce v1


The best thing about the course was how detailed the information was. I have no background in finance, so the level of detail the videos went into helped me understand concepts I had never come across before.

The most challenging aspect of it was scheduling the learning around my other responsibilities as a final year student. Whilst the course hasn’t changed my thoughts on a future career, I was able to find pathways within the course, outside of the compulsory ones, that could benefit me in the career path I have chosen.

I would recommend the course to other students, as it could benefit anyone. Plus, the content of the course wasn’t too difficult so if you have the time, it’s worth it. Having access to the financial knowledge is invaluable. I’m glad I was able to take part in the course.