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Have you got a favourite recipe you would like trialled in one of our outlets? Email it to our catering team. and f your recipe is chosen, we’ll add £10 to your College Card!

Fancy making these recipes yourself?

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Mexican Eggs can be served hot or cold and are definitely a great crowd pleaser. It is fun to make and doesn't break the bank!

Izabela Pawlic, Politics and International Relations (MSc)

Mexican Eggs will be available to purchase in KW's.

Spicy Lentil Soup is simple to make and a must have for lunch when it is cold and you need warming up. It's robust and very filling.

Ann- Marie Spence, Organisational Development Consultant, Human Resources

Spicy Lentil Soup will be available for staff to purchase in the Staff Common Room (SCR).

It doesn't take much to add great flavour and depth to a dish. My Creamy Pasta Sauce takes almost no time at all and tastes just like I'm in my Grandma's kitchen!

Bianca Scrimali, Politics and International Relations (MSc)

The Creamy Pasta Sauce will be available to purchase in Founder's Dining Hall.