Mar 14 2019

Posted on behalf of Laurence’s Campaign

Workshop for Students to meet and discuss issues regarding early diagnosis for Young Adults

Laurence’s Campaign is in memory of Laurence Withey, a Classical Studies Graduate of Royal Holloway, who sadly passed away four months after he graduated in 2018, aged 21. Laurence’s diagnosis took in excess of three months and by the time he received Oncology Treatment, his tumour was considered clinically ‘huge’ and it had metastasised.

The Laurence’s Campaign team are piloting a workshop for current students to explore how we can move our campaign forward, hear from medical professionals, the experiences of Laurence and his family, and also from another Royal Holloway graduate who too, sadly has a terminal cancer diagnosis.  Their aim for this workshop is to discuss issues currently faced by Young Adults when seeking medical advice and/or needing to access Primary Care Services.  The longer term aim for the Campaign is to build on our work led by students of Royal Holloway to develop better communication between Young Adults and Medical Professionals, in order to reach earlier diagnosis.

The workshop will be held Wednesday 20 March in the Queens 170 seminar room between 2 -4pm.  There are thirty places available for student volunteers so please book your place by emailing

Your attendance will be much appreciated and will help inform Laurence’s Campaign as it grows to reach other Universities and other key places involving Young Adults.

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