Apr 02 2020
Travelling back to campus to collect belongings is not permitted under the current government restrictions. Please see our update from Friday 27 March.  

If you have terminated your accommodation contract with us, the contract for your room will end on 27 April. We recognise that with the current government restrictions in place, you are not able to collect your belongings at this time, and may not be able to before the 27 April, depending on if the government measures are extended. Please be assured that this does not affect you being able to terminate your contract for term three.

We will email and update all students who have terminated their contract and informed us they have left items in their rooms once we have more information on whether the government measures will be lifted before 27 April. In this update we will provide more information about options for storage of items on campus. At this time, we have set a final collection deadline of 1 June for you to arrange collection of your belongings on campus. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and alter this deadline if needed, depending on how the situation develops.

It is possible that the university may be required to pack up your belongings, for example if our accommodation is used to house NHS staff or key workers. To help us prepare for this possibility and make this process as quick and efficient as possible, please fill out this this form, which will enable us pack and store your non-perishable belongings. If you do not consent to us packing your belongings we may not be able to terminate your contract.