Sep 27 2022

E-Scooters pose a significant health and safety risk when they are used on roads and in public places – as they cannot be insured, it is illegal to use one on UK roads. For the safety of our community campus the use of e-scooters is prohibited.

Safety and wellbeing on campus must always be our top priority. For this reason, if an s-scooter is seen on campus, please be aware that our Security team will take the appropriate and necessary action to keep you and others safe. The team have the right to challenge anyone who is seen using an e-scooter, and they will confiscate one if it’s considered appropriate to do so. We request that you comply with our Security team’s request.

There are also concerns about e-scooters being left charging in indoor spaces on campus, particularly in our Halls of Residences, often blocking fire escapes. E-scooters must not be charged in buildings on campus, as they can often catch fire. Fire escapes must never be blocked by any items. These actions may also lead to e-scooters being confiscated by Security or Residential Services staff to protect people from harm in the case of a fire and will be returned to you once leaving campus.