Feb 11 2024

Listen, Act, Change. This is the theme of Race Equality Week 2024, a UK-wide initiative that comes to an end today (11 February). The theme was selected by the Race Equality Matters community to highlight the reality that while a lot of discussing racism has taken place, this has not translated into meaningful change.

We know that racial injustices and ingrained inequalities are active in universities, including our own. Racism can manifest in different forms, and function at different levels of consciousness and we need to change the way we do things to see actual change. 

We are committed to adressing racism and creating a culture where racist thinking and practices are actively challenged and removed, and were every one of us, regardless of background, feels genuinely included. To this end we are working on developing our first Royal Holloway Anti-Racism Strategy, co-created with students and staff together, as a vehicle for true change. We are currently establishing groups, that will scrutinise all aspects of study and work across our community and will focus on curriculum and student experience amongst other areas.  

A crucial part of this process is the launch of a University-widerace equality pulse survey. Please complete this survey to help us assess the impact of existing actions and create new priorities.

The survey is anonymous and only takes five minutes to complete. If you would like to learn more about our Race Equality Group and current activities, please email us.

Take the survey now