Apr 19 2018

We are currently running a series of experiments in the Department of Psychology in which we examine participants’ ability to learn new words written in a novel alphabet. The studies take place over the course of 4 sessions and you will be paid either £40 or £60 for taking part depending on the study. One study involves staying up all night at the Department of Psychology (£60) (you can use your laptop, watch movies, revise, etc… and groups of friends are welcome to sign up together!) while the other studies involve coming in for testing sessions in the evening or in the morning (£40). For more information about the studies and to sign up, please follow these links to SONA:

1.       Staying up all night study (£60)


2.       Evening/morning sessions studies (£40)


Alternatively, you can contact me directly at Benedetta.Cevolirhul.ac.uk for more information or to book your time slots!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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